Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Empties 2016

January ended pretty fast!!!! I have collected very few amount of empties this month.

Biossance Facial Serum/oil- I loved using it.It was a sample but look at the packaging; so cute! The oil was very light scented;it absorbed pretty fast and moisture+ hydrated so well. 
Cerave Hydrating Cleanser- This was for dry skin but to be honest i didn't like it at all. It didn't clean my face well.I have very dry skin;I thought it would works but failed!!! 
Aveeno Body Wash(coconut scented)- I am not sure about this one.It was a tiny sample.The scent is overwhelming for me;I didn't like it.I used it to shave and it did works well.
Ahava Velvet Cream Wash- The scent is soothing but it works like an ordinary body wash; nothing so fancy about it. It is expensive !!Not interested to purchase though!
Foundation Sponge-Goodbye my beloved sponge. 

Figaro Spanish Olive Oil- This is actually the only oil that my baby uses for overall body hair face.We are so crazy for this oil.My baby is allergic to Johnson products.He got rashes if i use different brand but this is the one that save him from rashes/allergies! I highly recommend it to try out.I bought tons of this oil.It moisture,hydrates and relief from rashes,allergies,dry skin at the same time.Best baby oil for allergic baby!! 
Vaseline Body Lotion- well it was okay,I didn't like the texture though. 
Maple Holistic Foot Scrub- Short review is HERE . 
Neem Toothpaste- I bought this when I was pregnant.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer- I love it.A little goes a long way. I think in shower, moisturizer is a must for every mother!!!It is very moisturizing as well. 
Loreal Paris Total Repair Set- Loved their repair collection. 
Olay Moisturizer For Wrinkle- I didn't like it. The texture is weird. 
Olay Moisturizer For Dark Spot- I loved it.I think it did brighten up the skintone. 

Last but not the least--Lindor Lindt chocolate my all time favorite.We always grab it from Costco.It took me three month to finish the whole packet.

That's it for January.Will seeya next month!!
Happy February!! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Walmart BeautyBox 2016 || Winter Edition

My 2nd Walmart beauty box came by mail on Tuesday.Ever since we have moved to our new house,i got all mail at the end of the week or day!! But thankfully it did arrived safely.I think for $5, this is a great box to grab.Last box was fine although some of the products I already owned. 
Lets un-box the winter box--

  1. nspa Coconut Body Butter 
  2. Aveeno Body Lotion + Body Wash 
  3. Pantene HairSpray
  4. Goody Slideproof Hair band 
  5. Olay Moisturisers- One for dark spot & another for wrinkle
  6. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturiser 
  7. Loreal Paris Shampoo, Conditioner ,Treatment
  8. SOme Coupons & Perfume Sample  

 Among all of it , I love the Goody hair band most because who doesn't need extra band !!! I love trying mini samples.I am probably going to use all of it.

That's it for this Winter box.Let me know if you got something different than mine. 

Price- $5
Available- Walmart 

Have a wonderful weekend!

A New Year & Resolution 2016

Happy New Year!! Haha!! I know it's late to say it,but I was thinking about the post since day 01 and I couldn't find one resolution to make.I was gathering all my thoughts for couple of days,as you can see a very late post about "Resolution"!! 

My Cool Dude 

Well, I think it's a good start to think about the right resolution/goals that you want to compete this year!Last year my resolution was to get pregnant and look!! now I have a cute baby boy!!I am so grateful to the Lord for fulfilling my goal/resolution.It was very challenging for both of us.It was our number one priority ever since we are living together.

My son is now 4 and half month old.He is a cute little bunny.all the time made mommy busy.Sometimes I just can't handle the cuteness of him!!May be it's call mommy-fever!! Ever since I was pregnant , had baby, taking care myself is getting harder and harder.Because all i think and care is about my son and husband-the entire family. I don't think i can make any hard typical kinda goals.I want it simple, so that at the end of the year I can fulfill it and makes me proud!! lol 

1. Stay Strong-  It's hard to be a mom(new mom) I am adjusting and enjoying myself as well.I am just ignoring all the negativity at all.  
2.Follow The Cleaning Routine- I have been doing it since November.I found lots of schedule lists on pinterest.Awesome cleaning routine!! It's kinda fun to folllow, isn't it?But I do make my own routine too. 
3.Take Care Myself- It's getting impossible for me to take care myself after having the baby.It's hard to do everything alone but I am taking everything in positive way.I know I can handle it. I should make a routine to follow as well. 
4. Ignore Negativity- It's a must for me.

5. Eating Healthy- cut sugar cut sugar cut sugar.After birth, i think I have turned into a sugar cookie. 

6.Smile More- Lack of smile--No good.

7. Be Happy Who I am

That's it for now.I hope I can do these.Let me know Yours too. 

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