Sunday, December 30, 2012

Healthy Dinner With Hemp Foods

I am not a regular healthy eater but I do want to be healthy;I mean WHO DOESN'T?? Now we are living in such a busiest life that it is almost impossible to eat healthy foods everyday.Though we know it's very well that how important it is to change the bad eating habit to live a better life.
Recently I have heard of this company called, MANITABO HARVEST HEMP FOODS Company that produce and distribute foods as well as Oils etc that healthy and best for the heart and body.It is mainly for healthy heart.And healthy heart means Healthy Body!
 If you want to research more about the company and anything else,please check out their website: CLICK ME 
They have so many healthy products to try out.I was willing to try their "Hemp Hearts  Raw Seeds"

Nutritious ~ Straight from the Bag!
There’s no need to grind the seed as they are ready to eat straight from the bag. Hemp Hearts™ make it easy to add omegas, protein & fiber straight into your diet.

How did they get this glorious super food into the package?

Manitoba Harvest partners with farmers to deliver seed directly to their state-of-the-art, certified facility. Here they remove the hemp seed’s hard outer shell to bring us the most nutritious part - the inner kernel (aka the hemp heart). Hemp Hearts are tested for quality then sealed in a modified atmosphere package to lock in the freshness. All of their packaging has the packaged on and best before dates to ensure we're getting the highest quality product available.

Why Hemp Hearts?

Hemp Hearts are packed full of protein with 10 grams of plant-based protein per 30 gram serving size. Hemp Hearts are a great way to get an ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3‘s including the rare EFA known as Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). Testimonials have shown that GLA alone helps with arthritis, joint mobility, eczema, hormonal balance, migraines, menopause in women, healthy cholesterol & blood pressure levels and even weight management. Check out their testimonial section to read for yourself.

Hemp food is extremely easy to digest. Hemp foods contain vitamins, chlorophyll, fiber, calcium and are rich in

folic acid.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts contain no additives or preservatives. Their Hemp Hearts are made in our dedicated hemp food facility that DOES NOT process any dairy, soy, nut or gluten products.

Check out the Nutrition Facts:

Price: (single 8 oz.) $8.99 (USD) 

How To Eat:

 A nutty flavor & the most versatile product they carry. Sprinkle hemp hearts on salads, or add to cereal, yogurt, in baking or even into smoothies!

So,I was excited to try it with our everyday salad to give a new flavor!Let me show you some pics.It tastes pretty awesome.

Here is a close pic. of  my salad;I add pita bread, gyro beef,apples,cucumber,tomato,lettuce & hemp raw seed.Can you see, the seeds makes the salad so sparkly!!Everyone at my home now love it. 

I am thinking to add hemp seeds in soup for the next recipe.Let me know if you try it too.

Check out the video review-

Check out their social media site: Twitter, Facebook+Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods 

What is your healthy daily recipe?
Be healthy & Happy!!!
Happy New Year!!!!!!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Mani AND Polish

Happy Saturday everyone! This is the last Saturday of 2012!!! Can't believe the year is almost over! That's too fast,isn't it? I thought today spending some quality time by giving myself a manicure.Recently got some Essie polishes.So Why not giving a try!

Aha! it's matched with my ring!! 

Essie Polish- Fishnet Stockings
Price- $8.00
Where to Buy it- Any department store

This color is really pretty for the holiday season.You can add glitter or whatever you want to give a festive look!The texture is smooth to apply.For best result you have to apply two coat that gives a finish look!They are kind of pricey but worth it! Essie nail polishes are what I consider to be mid range in terms of pricing. Essie is worth the splurge on occasion because of its fantastic formula and wide range of colors. New collections come out every few months!
Do you love Essie polishes? 

Have a great Saturday Night!!!

Big And Gorgeous Circle Lenses By Uniqso

Do you love beautiful eye makeup with bigger eyes? Then you definitely need to read this post.First of all I am so sorry to write this post so lately.But finally here I am with my review about the Circle Contact lense sponsored by UNIQSO 

You guys need to know that this company is freaking awesome!They have many different colored CIRCLE lense that makes your  eyes look bigger and gorgeous & the lenses are cheaper than other company but worth it!
If you guys need more info about circle lense, then click Here below (find the banner beside) 
As you can see, they sent me the lenses with a mini blue box;including a case and a greeting card(that is so sweet of them!)

I chose the Three Tone lenses-Barbie diamond-Grey. As you might know I wear glass all the time. So I add power lense for me.But If you have no problem with power,You can choose from Plano;which are 0 power!

 Here is a sneak-peek of the lenses.

Thanks for the greeting card!I love it!

Let me show you some of my pics with different light shades.It's all happ. for my camera!(wish I could get a better camera!) I look like whitewash!!!!

I took this photo after 2 hours later! still feel comfortable to wear!  

*Brand- Barbie (Dueba)
*Origin- South Korea
*Content-62% polyhema, 38% water in lense; stored in saline solution
*Validity-5 years!!

Here are some of my instagram photos:

that's like a jumbo eyes;isn't it?

My Opinion: 
All in all, I really really love these lenses! Even with the first wear, they were very comfortable to me and I wore them for around 6 hours with no problems. I have pretty sensitive eyes and often feel discomfort with lenses after as little as an hour but these didn't dry my eyes out and didn't make me dizzy either.
Be honest with you guys,I wear glasses all the time;but for party/holiday event,I need something that cheeky and in the mean time comfy too.Their lensesare the best for any occasion & They are super cheap and affordable too.
Follow their social media : Twitter, Facebook

Happy New Year!!! to all my dear dear sweet friend.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

TwistBand Hair Accessory : Monthly Subscription Box

Face it, If you're not donning some sort of seasonal headgear this winter holiday, you're not really trying. And while Santa hats and fascinators festooned with dangling mistletoe have their charms, I have found something that will look more party perfect to celebrate!
So Here, in TwistBand HeadBand , Available in solid, metallic, tie dye, bauble, print , this Holiday Hair accessory is steal at very good price! 
This is the Twistband Monthly subscription box.See more details below.Each month you'll get twistband and other fun stuff. 

Their packaging process is also fantastic.It comes with a pretty blue packet which is called "HELLO" and delivered very fast!If you do party at home with friends and family,I guess this can be the cutest gift for the ladies/kids too.
In this box I got -
1.Six piece of Hair Tie
2. One pair of shoe lace in pink neon.
3.Three HeadBand in different color.

You'll definitely gonna love it. They have different colors and pretty shades.This can be Holiday gifts to your kids,sister/mom.  
HeadBand :
These three different color head band is pretty enough to make yourself can match the headband with your outfit and boom boom ; you are ready for the party!You can get accessory with the band to make it more cute.
 It is not harmful at all for any hair type.Very affordable. and pretty!

 Price: start from $4.00-$12.00

Hair Tie:
They have many colors of hair tie.Very affordable and glossy shade.Perfect for matching outfit.I love these hair tie specially for summer time.Don't irritate at all.Very usable and gorgeous.When I used to wear other type of hair tie,most of  the time I lost so many hair.I know it's not good for me.Sometimes I got headache! But now using this hair tie,I don't need to worry at all. Very comfortable!

Price: each $2.00

Shoe Lace:
They have 26' , 36' shoe laces.Choose any size in many colors.

Price: $5.00

Where To Buy It: TwistBand
You can also join their club for monthly Subscription.

Here is one photo of mine wearing their "Lady Gaga" edition hair tie which I have received in Birchbox few month's ago.I guess you have seen it if you are following me in Instagram !!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Covergirl Blastflipstick Review AND Swatches

Guess I am not late enough to review about the Dual "CoverGirl Blastflipstick".Last month I got this covergirl campiagn from bzzagent.You can check out my other products review from bzzagent by searching it on my blog.
I was so excited to try all the lipsticks,as I always seen  them in drugstore and passing them with eye-rolling.Finally they are in my hand now! Such a pretty color to play with everyday look!You even can change the shade of your lipstick for day/night look..

let me show you what I got first-
I absolutely love their packaging.Comes with  a box of covergirl;so pretty!! Inside of the box,they sent me three lipsticks that have total 6 colors in it.And of course with lots of coupons to share with friends and family & a Bzzguide.

 Lip color without limits
Each COVERGIRL blastflipstick yields an array of stunning colors within each blendable duo and has unlimited potential to create customizable looks for every season. Blend and design your unique lip look in seconds:
Glide on the creamy end of the stick, layering as desired
Use the shimmery end of the stick to finish the look, sweeping on layers to blend or highlight to perfection
Mix and match shades for your one-of-a-kind look

Three shades are-
*Vixen: Burgundy and pearl pink shades
*Stunner: Bright pink and gold shades
*Minx: Deep brown and gold shades

It comes with two shades- Burgundy and pearl pink.Very glossy and shiny colors!I like the burgundy color but the pearl pink is too fade for my skin tone and looks like a ghost when i wore it.I guess if you have extreme fair skin,it'll look better with it.
Vixen 820

Burgundy Shade of Vixen (820)

Pearl Pink shade of Vixen (820)

It comes with bright pink and gold shades.I love this one most! The color of bright pink is so pretty and perfect for night time.I think it's kind of deep coal pink in shiny blend.Obviously it's a glossy lipstick,so it looks pretty at night.I don't have any gold lipstick before;so I love to get it.the shade too glossy and looks weird when I applied it.May be this color is not for me.
Stunner 840

Stunner: Bright pink 840

Stunner: Gold shade 840
The last one comes with deep brown and another gold shades.I haven't tried it but will try it on.The gold shade looks awesome and really wanna try it out.The deep brown looks vampy and gorgeous too.
Minx 855

Minx: gold shade 855

Minx: deep brown 855
Here is the swatches of all the shades just for you.
minx deep brown,minx gold,stunner gold,stunner bright pink,vixen burgundy, vixen pearl pink.
Here i am wearing the burgundy vixen shade.

Have you tried the covergirl flipsticks?I have decided to buy some more lipsticks using the coupons and gift it to my family and friends.
Retail Price: $8.49
Just The fact:
Ultra blendable formula allows you to mix shades, just like a make-up artist
Dual ends let you create the current "ombre" trend on your lips!
Dual-sided stick features a creamy color on one end and a shimmery shade on the other
Created by expert make-up artist, and COVERGIRL Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath
13 colorful, complementary and expertly matched shade duos
Moisturizing formula mixes perfectly without feeling heavy or dry

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*I got this free from bzzagent.