Saturday, February 25, 2012


As usual today is a super duper exotic boring day [HI5]ever  ......and am dying at home....It's raining ,can't go outside,,eeeee

so i have been thinking and thinking and thinking what to do!...

what rubbish i m toking about ??

lets  see what i can do....
my fvt hobby : reading magazines...if u bored like me,den u should read some  of it...go get some from library and don't forget to return back..or u have to pay your  fine

WTF... a perfect DIY for boring day..DO IT DO IT...

spice your life with spicy..warm my brain

look at the color...isn't it scary???yum yum


one bite and then one another.....

nutella says "REMEMBER ME''  :p

BTW i'm not the only one who finish this ok??

new fvt : blueberry

try to play with hubby's Voice recorder....WTF  who need this? :O
click here for details about it

last but not the list go to bed and sleep  '' GOOD NIGHT"

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