Friday, February 10, 2012


It's February 10 and today i have got my first birchbox!!!
The sample products are so tiny !!!! it shouldn't be $10 !!! (f***k){my wish to get the full size BTW }

anyway , am gonna show what i have got for this month 
so this is the box 
TADA opening the box...:p

this the February card and details behind the card about the products they give..

another card for free download music link(WTF)

then i have got instant eyeliner tape ( so weird, don't know i m gonna try or not )

then  have got

BENTA BERRY G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream (which i really like and wish to get the full size){it's smell remind me my childhood memory,so dramatic } lol ...

next is the 

 Chuao ChocoPod Caddy (for spongebob)..

                    then i have got Juice Beauty Green serum ( i love this, makes my skin really awesome)

and the last i have got the  juicy couture perfume
(i LOVEEEE this, sure will buy next time)

That's it 
P.S: if you want to get the birchbox for you then click here

and you can see the video below



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