Thursday, March 8, 2012

March FREE SAMPLE 2012

 So this post is about March free sample stuff and see what i have got !!!
1. sample from stayfree... you should try it before buy sth new..they also give me a coupon...
BTW not for me :/

2.another sample from NINE WEST PERFUME

so tiny sample (dislike)
3. Victoria Secret giving free VS fragrance sample smells so goood...

4. Buy 1and get 1 FREE !!! ice cream treat from Cold stone and my niece love this treat. Did you try1 ( get the coupon on their website)  ?

5.I don't know you guys use Metamucil or not, but i think it's really good for people who have constipation, heart disease etc..
our DR. recommend for this. I don't like the mixed fruit taste.but i'll not mind to taste this one.thanks for the sample.

6.Next i have got Breathe right Nasal Strips..I don't mind keep this in my bag. Who knows whose gonna need this..

7. so the next thing is EUCERIN  skin calming itch relief treatment..This brand product is the best for my dry i love it.Did u try this new one? They also give coupon with sample ..

So the next thing i have got is "TIDE POD"...tide is my fvt brand for laundry!!! so i am happy to get it :D

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