Thursday, March 29, 2012


A very Happy Good Morning to all who are reading my post.. 
This is the last Thursday of March, and am feeling bad for that; don't know why...
So yesterday, we went for some little shopping on Staples...

  • First we bought Pastel color paper which is 20 lb and 500 sheet , 8.5/11  and the good thing was about the rebate.So it mean we got it like FREE.    

  • 2nd- we bought the Kingston 8 GB flash drive ,  we saved $1.00  with coupon.                                                             

  • 3rd- we bought the Staples Invisible Tape. I love this tape for my makeup (lol)

  • Then we bought HP Photo paper ( 50 sheet)..IT is also FREE with rebate.I don't know when i'm gonna use it...!!

  • Next we bought  Invisible Glass wipes..badly need this for car windows and mirrors...

  • next bought the envelopes.another needy thing..

  • then bought Assorted Lint Roll.

  • next was Scotch ship tape.                                                                    

So that's all we bought from Staples yesterday..uugghh boring...

See you Next month with happy post..


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