Saturday, April 28, 2012

IsThatOdd 1st Sample - Striking Multi-Peptide Serum

Happy Saturday!!Today I am going to talk about the free samples website where you can purchase the selected products free.If you want to know more then click HERE to learn more and signup to get free products.And don't forget to add me as a friend!!So today I have got my first sample(NO! NO! I think it's full size product) from .And it's a serum - Striking MultiPeptide Serum.The packaging is so beautiful.And I got it so fast.I think one week ago I ordered it!!Here is the pic below-

MY referred link is HERE Have a great day.Xoxo....

Friday, April 27, 2012


Happy Friday once again..I have got so many samples today.Here is the lists below.
1.VERSACE Yellow Diamond Fragrance sample!!- excited to get that,cause all the fragrance sample i have got before was piece of paper;but this time they sent a tiny sample container,which is so cool.Thanks to them!!
2.Next is the Target beauty can see my post HERE
3.Garnier Serum+ moisturizer from Target 
4.This beautiful ring from Sneeqpeak
5.Inhaler cover by proair
6.some sticker from Hanes group
7.Prilosec tablet from Costco
ok .that'sall i have got today..
let me know what you have got ..

Target Spring Beauty Bag

Happy FRIDAY!!
so today i have got this awesome Target spring beauty bag free.
I have got two bags- which is so cool!!(lucky me)
anyway, let me show you some pics and video-
                           this pink bag is so gorgeous!!

This is Neutrogena facial cleanser!!!
Next is Loreal Light Infusing Primer,which i am excited to use!!
Next is Simple cleansing wipes!!!
This is Nivea Moisture!!
This little Pantene conditioner!! I got the same thing from P&G too..You can read that on my other post.
and last is so many coupons!!
you can see the video below

That's all in my target bag.Hope you enjoyed..:D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gevalia Kaffe (house blend) sample

Happy Wednesday!
So today I have got this awesome Gevalia Kaffe sample in my mailbox.
I can't wait to try it..
Here is the pic of it. I know I got it very lately!

With Garnier BB Cream you're ready for anything, instantly. Are you BB ready?

With Garnier BB Cream you're ready for anything, instantly. Are you BB ready?: Find an event to get ready for with the Perfect Event Finder. Then upload a photo & enter to win!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monster iCarPlay wireless: Review

Hello and welcome to my blog.
A great windy Tuesday start from minty Weather.
So today I have purchased iCarPlay Wireless, using our credit card point which is so cool; because we have ordered this on Monday morning and got it now by UPS!! Happy to get it so fast!!
I haven't opened yet but I'll soon and reviewed about the product.
It comes with 3 set of- 1.easy one touch control , auto scan 3D. 3.Advanced audio circuitry,Which is so cool!
I can't wait to use it on my car!!
It'll be so much fun!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tums freshers sample from Riteaid

Today I got this Tums freshers (fast relief+ fresh breath) sample from Rite aid with coupon.i haven't tried yet, but will soon. Did you get it?

Earth Day Freebies

Happy Monday..!!
Yesterday was a great day with heavy rain!! But it didn't make our day off!
So, yesterday I got 3 Origin moisturizers from Sephora. And 2 Halibu lotions from Bath and Body Works and it's free!!
The pic is below- I already gave one moisturizer and one halibu lotion to my sisters,so you can only see 3 bottles here.
Have a great day

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Whip dressing samples

Another sample from Miracle Whip!
I forgot when I requested for samples!!
Anyway they sent two mini packs of dressing sample.. My niece love this it's for her.
They also sent 50€ coupon which is so silly!
Have a great day

Fekkai shampoo+conditioner Review

Happy Saturday to all.. Right now I am f**king sick.Fever killing me,so what !! I can't live without my blog ( kidding!!)
So today I have got "Fekkai color kit- shampoo+ conditioner samples from Costco!!
My hair is color treated and recently it looks so dull and frizzy.i was looking for some color treated shampoo/ conditioner.thanks to Costco that they have this awesome product to sampling.!
But the bad news is,when I got it, the shampoo sample was leaked and empty! (sad) The food news is conditioner wasn't leak! (yuppy)
So I only used the conditioner today..and Oh MY MY!! It made my hair so silky, smooth and healthy!! Love it so much.. I think it's the best products for color treated hair. I have no idea about the rest of it.
Did you try yet? Let me know.
Take care ..


Hi, everyone.Happy Friday..
So today I have got an awesome samples from website. Me and my Hubby both sign up for it.Though i don't get my one yet,he got the man's sample,which is so cool!!with the catalogue.
I even didn't imagine that they sent it so fast!!
I think i have sign up like 2 weeks ago!!
BTW they sent 9 products for him!!and its free!!
Go get it..still have time i guess!
Now I will show you what he has got-

1.Shaving cream (skin all type)- cooling peppermint extract ; skin feels sooth, refresh, smooth

2.Strawberry face scrub- he like this scrub, smell so goood!!!-for healthy glowing skin,prevent blackheades.
3.special cucumber lotion- ok! this lotion is kind of toner.and i love doesn't have excess alcoholic smell(that's why love it),so light,and smell so good.use it only before make-up.
4.Enzyme cleansing gel- removes makeup,dirt,oil without drying skin
5.Drying Mask-best for back & chest acne.
6.pre-shave conditioner- use before shaving
7.eye cream- for day & night
8.Drying cream- minimize pore.use before makeup.
9.aloemoisturizer spf15- smell so good too
Both of us like the products.It's also looks natural. love it
watch the video if you want-

Monday, April 16, 2012


Happy Monday everyone.
So, today I have got P&G brands samples! 
It's a huge box,which makes me excited to open it!!
Let me tell you what I have got in my box-
Here is the box below
1. Crest sample size toothpaste-
2.pantene shampoo+ conditioner= travel size 
3.scope mouth wash- sample size
5.A book of coupons by my name!!
Here is the complete pic of products below-
You can watch the video too-

Have a great week!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

শুভ   নববর্ষ ( HaPPY NEW YEAR)!! Shopping!!!

Today is Bengali Happy New Year!!!! yeahhh!!!!
So, for new year I did some little shopping yesterday.Today clean our house,cooked food for party!and right now so  tired and hungry.But couldn't stop posting this..
Sometimes people are so annoying,aren't they?
Anyway,let me show you what i bought yesterday..

So I have bought the cutest Hair Bun ever!! BTW this is my first time buying a hair bun (lol)
and i love it..i also tried doesn't look bad ,right?
then I have bought plum perfect Maybelline lipstick and a color stay Revlon lip the color..
so pretty color!!
Next i bought the green pencil eyeshadow 
Then the colorful eye shadow..i bought it just for fun..

then I bought the most important thing for skin, which is Sunscreen!!..this is the best ever.good smell too.
Next hair color for Sylar..(manly stuff!!) ughh..

That's it for today..
till wait for my next new year post..!!


It's so much fun to get something in my mailbox everyday!!! :p
So today i have got 1 pair of "Sleep pretty Pink- Ear Plug"..It'sreally soft and comfortable to use..may be best use when i ll travel..:D
Next i have got the "Lipton Tea and honey-Mango pineapple flavor".it's so yummy..Iam gonna buy this later..:D

got two Prilosec tablets from sister love this,she always use it when she feels heartburn problem..

That's all for today..

Monday, April 9, 2012

April Mail Box: PART2

Happy Monday!!!
I was happy to see my mail box was full with so many samples.!!
First got the GUD lotion sample-
Next sample is from Burt's's a lip balm-
Then i have got the Crest mini size mouth wash from costco-
And the last one is my April birchbox2012 . click the link to see what i have got..

have a goodnight..

April Birchbox 2012

Happy Spring everyone!!
Finally my April Box come home!!!Yeah!!
This months theme is about natural wonders!!
It's so green,when i opened it!!
The first thing i have got is the J.R. Watkins: Hand & cuticle salve..It's a balm.smell like it
The 2nd one is the Willa Facial towelettes
3rd one is Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Perfume
4th one is Zoya nailpolish Spring collection
eew!! look like two different color.sorry my camera fault :p
And the last one is Laundry Detergent

overall box
Click BirchBox to get This for you too..It's only $10 for month..!!
Watch the unboxing Video if you want