Monday, April 9, 2012

April Birchbox 2012

Happy Spring everyone!!
Finally my April Box come home!!!Yeah!!
This months theme is about natural wonders!!
It's so green,when i opened it!!
The first thing i have got is the J.R. Watkins: Hand & cuticle salve..It's a balm.smell like it
The 2nd one is the Willa Facial towelettes
3rd one is Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Perfume
4th one is Zoya nailpolish Spring collection
eew!! look like two different color.sorry my camera fault :p
And the last one is Laundry Detergent

overall box
Click BirchBox to get This for you too..It's only $10 for month..!!
Watch the unboxing Video if you want


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