Saturday, April 14, 2012

শুভ   নববর্ষ ( HaPPY NEW YEAR)!! Shopping!!!

Today is Bengali Happy New Year!!!! yeahhh!!!!
So, for new year I did some little shopping yesterday.Today clean our house,cooked food for party!and right now so  tired and hungry.But couldn't stop posting this..
Sometimes people are so annoying,aren't they?
Anyway,let me show you what i bought yesterday..

So I have bought the cutest Hair Bun ever!! BTW this is my first time buying a hair bun (lol)
and i love it..i also tried doesn't look bad ,right?
then I have bought plum perfect Maybelline lipstick and a color stay Revlon lip the color..
so pretty color!!
Next i bought the green pencil eyeshadow 
Then the colorful eye shadow..i bought it just for fun..

then I bought the most important thing for skin, which is Sunscreen!!..this is the best ever.good smell too.
Next hair color for Sylar..(manly stuff!!) ughh..

That's it for today..
till wait for my next new year post..!!

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