Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hi, everyone.Happy Friday..
So today I have got an awesome samples from website. Me and my Hubby both sign up for it.Though i don't get my one yet,he got the man's sample,which is so cool!!with the catalogue.
I even didn't imagine that they sent it so fast!!
I think i have sign up like 2 weeks ago!!
BTW they sent 9 products for him!!and its free!!
Go get it..still have time i guess!
Now I will show you what he has got-

1.Shaving cream (skin all type)- cooling peppermint extract ; skin feels sooth, refresh, smooth

2.Strawberry face scrub- he like this scrub, smell so goood!!!-for healthy glowing skin,prevent blackheades.
3.special cucumber lotion- ok! this lotion is kind of toner.and i love doesn't have excess alcoholic smell(that's why love it),so light,and smell so good.use it only before make-up.
4.Enzyme cleansing gel- removes makeup,dirt,oil without drying skin
5.Drying Mask-best for back & chest acne.
6.pre-shave conditioner- use before shaving
7.eye cream- for day & night
8.Drying cream- minimize pore.use before makeup.
9.aloemoisturizer spf15- smell so good too
Both of us like the products.It's also looks natural. love it
watch the video if you want-

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