Friday, June 1, 2012

Car Engine Wash : (Do it On Your Own Risk)

Last Monday we had finally decided that it's time for cleaning the engine of our car,as it was too much dirty to drive.It's really unbearable to drive and also create problems when the main engine is dirty,Right?
We couldn't wait anymore to clean it anyhow.Though we knew the risk condition about cleaning the engine,there is no ultimate option to do with this.So we went to car wash store and talked with them ,and  we chose to clean the whole engine included back side also.The total we spent was $70.00 for whole engine wash.
Here is the video,if you would like to see how they clean the entire engine.The video is kind of  boring but I think its gonna helpful for those who are thinking about cleaning the entire engine like us.
Remember, there might be some problem,when they clean it.It's because of the water force.after the wash, you might not start your car! (who knows?) That would be a big trouble to fix it..So think about it before you do it.They are not responsible for that.You have to take the risk by yourself!!!
BTW,we didn't face any problem though.and for caution we didn't use radio/AC after the wash to prevent any problem.
 Let's watch the video Below-
Let me know if you have faced any problem or not.and also don't forget to tell about your experience to share.Thank you for reading.
Good Luck ....


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