Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fun and freebies

happy Friday!!!
This week I have got some mail about freebies and also my purchasing product.
First I have got the 2 bags of  Yogi Tea Sample  with coupon. one is Green tea blueberry slim life and another one is Skin detox purify the skin.
Then i have got Gucci floral perfume sample;which is so silly koz it's a paper sample, which i hate a lot.
Then i have got Eucerin daily protection moisturizing face lotion and moisturizing body lotion samples
Then I have got unexpectedly This magazine.I have cancelled it before but don't know why they sent me this... ridiculous!!!
And Then I have got this MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil capsules sample with coupon
So next I have got Tresemme split remedy shampoo+ conditioner samples from walmart
and i also purchased some pregnancy strips from ebay (lol)who knows when i need it..:p
I forgot to mention about this mini ob tampons that I have got today.inside of it,there are 3 tampons and description about how to use it.

 Have you guys missed Wednesday's free slurpee from 7/11? But we didn't.It's close to our house and why not trying yummy slurpee ; we chose mango and coconut flavor...yummmy

that's all for today..have a great weekend and tc


  1. Great freebie haul! Love 711 coconut slushes!

    1. thank you so much to like my post..have a great weeekend


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