Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SircleSample : Coconut Lime LipGloss

Yesterday I got my Coconut lime lip gloss from SircleSample and really happy to get that.It came lil bit late.This was my first requested sample from them.Though i got my second sample before it,as i already review about that HERE

But I don't know why it's leaking,which is really disgusting.Otherwise I like the coconut smell. Also it's kind of shiny and glossy.It is 0.51 fl oz/ 15 ml.
Smooth a small amount onto lips until evenly glossed.
One thing is really funny about the lip gloss; it said : THIS IS NOT FOOD.DO NOT EAT. :p
Also it's not tested on animals.
Made in China.
As you can see, how it looks like.

My opinion: I must say, whether  I use it or not,I can keep it in my purse at least.
Thanks to SircleSample for sending me this free Lip gloss.
If you want to get free products from them you can join with me HERE
P.S.- get this lip gloss set only $15.00

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