Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wet N Wild Nail Pail Treat

Happy Sunday and Funday to everyone !!!
Yesterday I did a lil shopping from CVS.As from the title you already knew it's about nail polish!!!
When i lived in Bangladesh, I had a huge collection of nail polish( koz am addicted of nail color!!)
Awww..missing all my nail color!! Anyway I have started buying again in NY !!!yeah!!
Recently i have read Christina's  blog where she post about this deal and I was just like hungry to buy it!! thanks Christina for the info.
The colors are not so bad but best for summer.And also it's so cheap ; only $9.99!!
Anyway this is the bucket of nail pail.
INCLUDED: 7 nail colors
                  1 nail file
                   2 separators
                   24 nail sticker
                    1 nail art color
i specially like the neon pink color!!
click the pictures For larger view..
Let me know which color you like most and also if you buy it !!
Here is the video 

P.S.-Yesterday was the last day of this deal on CVS.I don't know where to find this deal again!!(sorry)
Have A Great weekend 
HAppy mother's Day to all mom!!:D

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