Friday, June 29, 2012


Another FREE sample came from IsThatOdd website.I think you already knows about this website where you can join free to get some awesome free samples.All you have to do is conversation with any topics.(Better think about any good topics) and post it,comment on others topic.discuss it, etc.Then you'll get "ODD COIN" which you'll use to buy samples.Do not panic,it's not real coin though!
You can use my referred link to join: "ISTHATODD" 
So I have got this cute "France Luxe Ponytail Holder"-in animal print & this is my 2nd sample that I have received. You can view my 1st sample by clicking HERE
It is Handmade from France.If you want, you can check out their website HERE
I think the price of this holder is $16.00!
It is definitely a cute gift for Summer spruce.I am going to wear this with a huge ponytail.Gonna upload the pics later.
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Thanks for stopping by and Have a great weekend.Enjoy the summer HIT!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


It is officially the first Saturday of Summer! The weather is very awesome today.As usual this week I got some freebies/goodies/free sample.I am too lazy to write in my blog now a days.Need some energy drinks!!
okay, lets get started with mail.
The first mail I got it from Costco.They sent this awesome Dove Deodorant sample (0.5 Oz).I love this smell,so nice,I  am using the same dove body wash that I bought from Costco too.It is mini travel pack,so cute,isn't it?BTW if you want free sample from Costco,you need member ID.
Next I got 4 samples of  Clear Scalp Hair Therapy shampoo+ conditioner.I got this sample from their facebook page.I don't know it is still available or not.You better check on their page.Recently I got a campaign about this shampoo and conditioner.May be they'll sent me a full size product to try it.If I get it, I'll post it on my blog then.
Then I got this Ovaltine Rich chocolate two packs of sample.My niece love the flavor.they also include a coupon with the samples.I got this sample from their facebook page.
And lastly I got the elf shimmery eye liner and elf hyper shine gloss full size products free!You can check out my post about this samples from HERE 
I haven't got so many stuff this week but I really like it all.What did you get in your mail box ?
P.S.- we are going to Splish Splash tomorrow to celebrate summer!what are you doing tomorrow?
Have a great weekend..

SircleSample: ELF Products Revew

Another mail came from SircleSample again.I really love their services.They sent the products very fast.I think I had ordered these products like two weeks ago!
In this mail I have got make up goodies from "ELF". I have heard and watched so many videos about elf
products and never got chance to used it before I got it from SircleSample.That's why was excited to open  my mail today.
In my mail,I got the elf shimmer eye liner pencil & elf Hyper shine gloss!!They kind of cheap but it's ok;not bad at all.

I love this Eye liner pencil which is call Twinkle Teal!It has a sharpener with it that you can easily sharp it whenever you need it.
Though I have green eye liner but that's not shimmery like this one.So gonna use it soon.The color is so pretty;you'll love it!The full size of this eyeliner(5 different colors ) is only $5; which means 1for $1 .Cheap right?you can buy it from elf website 

And also I love this hyper shimmery gloss which is not sticky like other glosses and the color is so pretty. I got the Cherry Tart.The amount of glosses is really not that much which is not worth a dollar.
It doesn't have odd smell though that i like about it.It is also only a Dollar ($1.00) you can buy it from elf website
pretty color!!love it!!
You can check out my previous post about sirclesample goodies that I have received before  in make up bagcoconut-lime lipgloss  and  Moisturizing Cream post.
BTW if you want to join in SircleSample you can use my referral as currently they are not accepting without invitation.
My referred link: SircleSample
I hope you'll love to join with me in SircleSample and don't forget to let me know about your favorite lip gloss and eye liner. 
Have a great weekend 

Friday, June 22, 2012


Few months ago I got this tide pod sample from tide facebook page.Many people got the sample too, right? And last week I also received This sample(once again) from Vocalpoint.I actually didn't requested it from their website,But they sent me because I am a member of vocalpoint.
(Vocalpoint is another website where you can get free products.All you have to do is review the products that they will send you, do some surveys,conversation and etc.It's kind of fun to join.)
They sent me two samples;one is for me and another is for my friend to share.

For the first time I thought it's not gonna work for me,because it's just a little tiny pod!How it would works for a load of clothes!!.But surprisingly it does its job and seriously I just love it.Easy to use.Just pop it as directed in the instruction.And then let it do its job!
I think it's the best for those people who don't like laundry at all or have not enough time for that.It's save a lot of time(seriously). I actually hate to do my laundry (who doesn't?)!! And when I figured out about tide pod, I was just freaking out to buy it.
We do our shopping specially from Costco.And oneday when we went to shop there,found the Tide pod!! And we didn't wait to buy the full size Tide pod.(We are always excited to try new thing!!) It's little bit pricey,but I just want the best stuff for me.
[BTW Tide is the only brand we use for laundry,no matter what]
Here are some pics I would like to share-
As you can see, it's a big jar full with pods.Inside of it, there are 90 pacs capsules.Total weight of the jar is 5.01 lb. 
The pod have 3 different colors that work 3 different way.
White= detergent 
Blue= stain remover
Orange= brightener
It can only use in laundry machine,though.
Use one pac for most loads.Use 2 pacs for heavily soiled loads.Dissolves in all temperature(cold/hot)
If you need more information, go to for details.
Let me know about your favorite laundry detergent.
Have a great day and be safe be happy .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday MailBox

I have got some goodies/freebies this week.
First got this Color Scents Trash Bag (one sample) from facebook giveaway.
And also got my wearshare braelets .I love it.gonna share with hubby and mommy.
I got this free Silk Milk coupon.But unfortunately there is no store here to accept this coupon.That's not fair.They should mention the place before giving this coupon.
I know many people love this Palmer's  cocoa Butter formula lotion and me too. got  two different lotion samples.
And also loving my Target beauty Bag that I have got too.I got 3 bags.You can read details in HERE
And then got the Old navy discount card.don't know gonna use it or not.
and then got my klout perk about dallas quickie book.Though i didn't get any DVD's ,as they mentioned in the card.Have you got any DVD with this perk?
Anyway This are all I have got this week..let me know what you have got in mail.Have a great father's day!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Target Beauty Bag (2012) Review

Yeah!! Finally Got another Target Beauty Bag today!!
This bag looks cuter than the previous one.I got three bags,as I was signed up with my hubby and mom's account.
The bags came with blue in color and made by cloth,(made in Phillipine)It's so pretty bag with some goodies.
There are 6 products inside of this bag;some of you already might knows what products they are giving in the box.But for those who don't know about the products,read this post to know about it or you can check their Facebook page.

The first product I have received is Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry touch Sunblock SPF70 (1.00 oz)
 It's a travel size.Weightless clean feel.Fast absorbing leaves skin soft and smooth Waterproof.
Next product is Aveeno daily detoxifying scrub (1 oz) oil-free soap-free.sample size.I love Aveeno products,specially love the lotion.Gonna try this scrub soon.I hope I'll like it as usual.
Then I received Tresemme split remedy shampoo+conditioner (1 oz) I love this brand.It does work well.Right now am using this product regularly for smooth finish hair.I got the same sample from walmart too some days ago.So I already knew it's good.Did you try it?
Next is Garnier Fructis Color Shield shampoo+ conditioner sample(0.34 oz)
I have colored hair,so I'm excited to try this one.
Next is Revlon colorBurst Lip Butter sample.I have read so many reviews about this,so curious to try itI got Peach Parfait color.
And of course they sent a coupon-booklet with the bag (as usual)I'm saving this for my next shopping trip!
If you wish,you can watch the video about target bag below

I love this Target BAG.It is so cute.Let me know what you think about this Summer Target bag.I hope you get yours too.
Have a great day.Xoxo....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekly MailBox

It's Saturday again and we are so busy to organize everything for tomorrow's picnic.This is actually our main activities on summer.
And as usual I got some awesome mail today and yesterday also.Let me show you what i have got in my mailbox.
So the first thing I got is Martha Stewart Living Magazine.BTW it's free.This month's issue is really awesome than previous month.Love to read it.(Oops! Hiding my address)See the cover page,so cool, right?I put all the magazine in my car to read it while traveling.
Next I got Cutex Pad Nail Polish Remover sample with coupon(strengthens & nourishes with botanical oils for natural nails).It is best to use when you are traveling.And one pad cleans all 10 nails!! cool, right?
And then I got the babySpa lotion and face cream.This is for my little niece actually.The mail man took a dollar for this package as they didn't use any stamp!!(funny,it should be their responsibility to pay for this sample!!) Anyway,this is really cute to give my niece a little gift.
And there is another gift for my niece that I received free,is "Milk Matters with Buddy Brush Coloring Book".It comes from NICHD.They were giving away free coloring book for kids.I thought it would be an awesome gift for her,Isn't it?

OK,So next I got Biore cleanser,scrub and pore strips samples with coupon from their facebook page.I don't know it's still available or not,you can check on their page.I can't wait to try the cleanser,cause it is for combination skin(my skin type)that I'm looking for,and I'll let my hubby to use the scrub(he badly need it)also love to try the strip.If it's good,am gonna recommend to my cousin who is suffering some skin problem recently,and ask emergency help to recover.

If you read my last post,you probably knew I received my Make up bag from SircleSample which is free. It's a gorgeous bag.You can read details to CLICK HERE
That's all I have got this days.I hope you like my post and don't forget to let me know what you have got in your mail box.
Have a great weekend everyone.Xoxo....

P.S.: Have any question?please comment below.I would love to hear from you.

SircleSample: MakeUp Bag Review

This is my 3rd sample from website,where I can get free awesome samples by earning points easily.
So today I received this amazing make up bag from them,which is so pretty.When I saw the bag on their website,I thought it's a tiny make up bag like other website give normally.But after receiving it,I'm amazed by the bag!!It's bigger than I thought it would be!!
As you can see, the bag is pink in color and there is a tag by their name.
you can use only the round bag also(that is inside of it).There are 3 pockets for brushes and a chain lock pocket for other stuff you want to carry.Don't you think it's pretty?
I don't know you like it or not but I love it.Thanks to SircleSample for sending this awesome pink make up bag.
Have you joined SircleSample yet?If not use my referral,cause they currently do not allow to sign up without invitation. Click HERE to sign up today.I think they gonna put you on a waiting list before accepting the request.But it's not gonna be too long.
I hope you like my post.Have a great day everyone.

Friday, June 8, 2012

BirchBox June 2012

Hello everyone!! Today I have got my June Birchbox right in my mail box!
This month's theme is about "JET SET".
Here's the card describe about products.
& here comes the entire box I received

If you want you can watch the video too below:
The first product I received is Apothederm |  Stretch Mark Cream (full size $89.95) It fades stretch marks within weeks.
I have used this brand's product before( you can find it on my blog)But never use  this cream,so willing to try it soon.(BTW I have lots of stretch marks!! who doesn't?)
Next I received CleanWell | Hand sanitizing wipes (full size $3.98-$5.98) These germ-busting cloths are made with natural thyme oil to clean and soften your hands.
Next is Scalisi Skincare | Anti-aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF30 (full size $110) A team of biochemist spent years developing this daily moisturizer,which uses four different peptides to trigger collagen production and reverse wrinkles.
Then I have got The  Balm cosmetics | Stainiac In Beauty Queen (full size $17) two in one lip and cheek stain;the sheer gel formula delivers a subtle, long- wearing flush.
I think am gonna love this one.

Lifestyle Extra:
Band-Aid | Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band Aid ( pack of 20,$15) this is designer bandage.very funny :p

BirchBox Men Extra:
John Varvatos | Star Usa (full size $55-70) In honor of father's Day : a blend of ginger,juniper,berries,vetiver.
And lastly they sent a card of Artspace : discount card 
That's all I have got this month.I don't know why I don't like birchbox anymore.The sample they sent is so tiny that i can get it free from sephora or any other store.
But if you like it you can subscribe too;it's up to you.
Here is the link of my referral,if you want to use it: BIRCHBOX 
Thanks for stopping by, please let me know what you think about this month's box.Also if you're a subscriber don't forget to let me know what have you got in your box.
Have a great Day;Xoxo....

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today I received Always Tampax Radiant Samples from VocalPoint to review this product.
I have got This sample before from Tampax facebook offer.So I already loved the sample that i have got before.
It comes with this beautiful bag.
Inside of this bag -
1.scented pad:I love this.Gonna buy soon.
2.2 tampons:never want to try it.So scary to use LOL
3.thin radiant pad: don't try yet.!!
You can get it from HERE ( don't know still available or not)
Okay, watch the video if you want:

Join Vocalpoint for free products to test and review.
Have a great Day.Xoxo....