Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday MailBox

I have got some goodies/freebies this week.
First got this Color Scents Trash Bag (one sample) from facebook giveaway.
And also got my wearshare braelets .I love it.gonna share with hubby and mommy.
I got this free Silk Milk coupon.But unfortunately there is no store here to accept this coupon.That's not fair.They should mention the place before giving this coupon.
I know many people love this Palmer's  cocoa Butter formula lotion and me too. got  two different lotion samples.
And also loving my Target beauty Bag that I have got too.I got 3 bags.You can read details in HERE
And then got the Old navy discount card.don't know gonna use it or not.
and then got my klout perk about dallas quickie book.Though i didn't get any DVD's ,as they mentioned in the card.Have you got any DVD with this perk?
Anyway This are all I have got this week..let me know what you have got in mail.Have a great father's day!!

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