Saturday, June 9, 2012

SircleSample: MakeUp Bag Review

This is my 3rd sample from website,where I can get free awesome samples by earning points easily.
So today I received this amazing make up bag from them,which is so pretty.When I saw the bag on their website,I thought it's a tiny make up bag like other website give normally.But after receiving it,I'm amazed by the bag!!It's bigger than I thought it would be!!
As you can see, the bag is pink in color and there is a tag by their name.
you can use only the round bag also(that is inside of it).There are 3 pockets for brushes and a chain lock pocket for other stuff you want to carry.Don't you think it's pretty?
I don't know you like it or not but I love it.Thanks to SircleSample for sending this awesome pink make up bag.
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I hope you like my post.Have a great day everyone.

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