Friday, June 22, 2012


Few months ago I got this tide pod sample from tide facebook page.Many people got the sample too, right? And last week I also received This sample(once again) from Vocalpoint.I actually didn't requested it from their website,But they sent me because I am a member of vocalpoint.
(Vocalpoint is another website where you can get free products.All you have to do is review the products that they will send you, do some surveys,conversation and etc.It's kind of fun to join.)
They sent me two samples;one is for me and another is for my friend to share.

For the first time I thought it's not gonna work for me,because it's just a little tiny pod!How it would works for a load of clothes!!.But surprisingly it does its job and seriously I just love it.Easy to use.Just pop it as directed in the instruction.And then let it do its job!
I think it's the best for those people who don't like laundry at all or have not enough time for that.It's save a lot of time(seriously). I actually hate to do my laundry (who doesn't?)!! And when I figured out about tide pod, I was just freaking out to buy it.
We do our shopping specially from Costco.And oneday when we went to shop there,found the Tide pod!! And we didn't wait to buy the full size Tide pod.(We are always excited to try new thing!!) It's little bit pricey,but I just want the best stuff for me.
[BTW Tide is the only brand we use for laundry,no matter what]
Here are some pics I would like to share-
As you can see, it's a big jar full with pods.Inside of it, there are 90 pacs capsules.Total weight of the jar is 5.01 lb. 
The pod have 3 different colors that work 3 different way.
White= detergent 
Blue= stain remover
Orange= brightener
It can only use in laundry machine,though.
Use one pac for most loads.Use 2 pacs for heavily soiled loads.Dissolves in all temperature(cold/hot)
If you need more information, go to for details.
Let me know about your favorite laundry detergent.
Have a great day and be safe be happy .

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