Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekly Mail Box

How's your environmental day going on?We planted some trees..
I got some mail this week;let me show you what i have got in my mail box.
 So first I have got Nexus pro-mend shampoo+conditioner+leave in conditioner sample from Costco.If you are the member of costco,i guess you still can get this(not sure)
Next I got Finish revolution dish powder(3 in 1) with coupon.I got ths offer from their facebook page.

Then I have got Arm&Hammer sensitive Toothpaste sample
Then I have got 5 hour energy drinks full size bottle (value $3.00) It's berry flavor.
you can still get the free sample on their website.
Then I have got Rootology supplement.
Next I got $10 off oil change deal from Pep boys
and then i have got the allergease Herbal supplement logense(candy) ( 2 pc)
And last but not the least you'll be surprised to know that I have got an empty box of Loreal Paris Reward perk.I was so disappointed to see the box was opened, broken;inside of the box, the product was missing!!(WTF) I complained to the mail man about this and he said he's gonna talked about it to the supervisor! and also mailed to their website.I think it's kind of ridiculous.

Anyway otherwise my days passed very well,as you can see the lovely weather around!!
And also I forgot to mention that my camera charger arrived today that i have purchased from ebay. (soory no pik of that)
I hope you have a great lovely weekend,enjoy the day..

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