Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekly MailBox

It's Saturday again and we are so busy to organize everything for tomorrow's picnic.This is actually our main activities on summer.
And as usual I got some awesome mail today and yesterday also.Let me show you what i have got in my mailbox.
So the first thing I got is Martha Stewart Living Magazine.BTW it's free.This month's issue is really awesome than previous month.Love to read it.(Oops! Hiding my address)See the cover page,so cool, right?I put all the magazine in my car to read it while traveling.
Next I got Cutex Pad Nail Polish Remover sample with coupon(strengthens & nourishes with botanical oils for natural nails).It is best to use when you are traveling.And one pad cleans all 10 nails!! cool, right?
And then I got the babySpa lotion and face cream.This is for my little niece actually.The mail man took a dollar for this package as they didn't use any stamp!!(funny,it should be their responsibility to pay for this sample!!) Anyway,this is really cute to give my niece a little gift.
And there is another gift for my niece that I received free,is "Milk Matters with Buddy Brush Coloring Book".It comes from NICHD.They were giving away free coloring book for kids.I thought it would be an awesome gift for her,Isn't it?

OK,So next I got Biore cleanser,scrub and pore strips samples with coupon from their facebook page.I don't know it's still available or not,you can check on their page.I can't wait to try the cleanser,cause it is for combination skin(my skin type)that I'm looking for,and I'll let my hubby to use the scrub(he badly need it)also love to try the strip.If it's good,am gonna recommend to my cousin who is suffering some skin problem recently,and ask emergency help to recover.

If you read my last post,you probably knew I received my Make up bag from SircleSample which is free. It's a gorgeous bag.You can read details to CLICK HERE
That's all I have got this days.I hope you like my post and don't forget to let me know what you have got in your mail box.
Have a great weekend everyone.Xoxo....

P.S.: Have any question?please comment below.I would love to hear from you.

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