Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekly Mailbox

Finally Summer is back in the air & today is the last day of June as well as the last day of this week.Right now I am getting ready for tomorrow's event.We have decided to go to SixFlags tomorrow to start the new month with lots of joy and fun!
Anyway lets talk about what I have received this week.
So the first thing I have received is this Ring Sizer from this Website and also got 10% discount, coupon code : SAVE10. they also sent letter with this where they describe how to use your ring sizer.As you can see, there are 23 ring sizer in this pallete.
So the next I have received is this Breakfast essential Nutrition Drink sample.Haven't tried yet.My niece told me that it tasted horrible!
Few days ago I got the empty box of Loreal Gold Perk Reward gift.When I complained about that,they sent me back the same Loreal Paris Youth Code Foaming Gel cleanser sample this week.I really appreciate for that.
Next I received the Tide pods sample from vocalpoint.Actually I didn't requested for this sample,but as I am a member of  vocalpoint,they sent me to review it.Vocalpoint is really a cool website.All you have to do is sign up there and review the products on their website that you'll received.BTW they sent me two samples of tide pods to share one with your friends.I have already received the tide pods sample and also purchased the full size box of tide pods.You can check out my review about Tide Pods  
Then I received the Keurig Coffee campaign kits from Bzzagent.I'll write and review about this later on my blog,when I'll finish testing it all.BTW I am a Bzzagent and received products to test and give my honest opinion about it.
Then I received this cute France Luxe Ponytail Holder(FREE) from IsThatOdd website.I have reviewed about this products on my blog,If you want more information about the website then click HERE
ANd next I have received 5 hour energy drink from their website.I think this is my 3rd time I have got this but in different flavor.This time I have got the pomegranate flavor.I actually got it before Sunday which is helpful for us.Cause my hubby feel too tired to go on every Sunday tour,and definitely he could get some power from this sample.It is actually full size product which value is $3.00 in a store.
Let me know if you like my nail art.Gonna review about this soon.
That's all I have received this week.For now goodnight and have a great and awesome weekend.
P.S.I'll post about my Sixflags tour as soon as possible.


  1. love the nails! what's on the tips?

  2. Wow, that's nice of loreal to send you a new gift! I thought they were to big to care about stuff like that, but i must take that bake then haha! So enjoy your gift!!/Azure

    1. haha..me2 thought as same...i really appreciate that for.thanks for stopping by..


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