Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brew Over Ice: Bzz Campaign

Happy Summer everyone !!.July hit the summer like a roller coaster already.In this hot weather I don't like to go outside that much,cause it makes me so thirsty and tired.REAlly!!
'In this unbearable weather,I got another amazing Bzzcampaign which is "Brew Over Ice" which is from keurig..Sounds cool right? Though I am not a tea/coffee lover but my hubby is,so that's why I joined with this campaign to give my honest opinion.I am little bit late to review about this campaign as I thought to test all the products first.
This is my 2nd Bzz campaign from Bzzagent.You can read my 1st Bzz campaign HERE.
Let me show you the box I have received.
Inside of it, there is a greeting letter from Jono,where everything is described about this campaign.
Here is the Bzz guide 
My Bzzkit includes-
  1. The brew Over Ice BzzGuide-infromation to help you spread the Bzz!!
  2. Brew over Ice sampler Packs
  3. A brew Over Ice Tumbler and straws
  4. Coupons to share-Though I haven't received any coupons
I got 3 box of K-cups( each have 4 k-cups in it)
I really like the tumbler,they also sent 2 different color of straws,so that you can use it later.currently am using the blue straw (LOL)
okay, so in each box I received four different flavor of coffee/tea k-cup.
This one is the Nantucket Blend Iced Coffee. (Green Mountain Coffee) From Keurig
Opinion: i actually like this one,smell nice and yes! am a fan of ice-coffee!best for summer time.

Next one is the Hazlenut Iced Coffee,
Opinion:Though I didn't feel any hazlenut smell on it!!So nay for this one.
Next one is the Half & half black tea and lemonade
Opinion: ( oya ! I like this one )Cold is better.
And the last one is Perfect ice tea  Southern sweet black tea
Opinion:( huh for me,need more sugar)My hubby like this one

WHy not have some evening tea with me?Cheers:
I always put lots of ice on my drinks no matter what and i really like this tumbler because the ice melt very slowly in it which is so cool!
BTW my favorite is the Lemon Ice Tea!! 
which one is your favorite?(let me know)
Thanks for stopping by.If you have any question, please comment below.
Have a great weekend 

I am a Bzzagent and got this product for free to review  and test to give honest opinion.

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