Friday, August 31, 2012

Back To School Nail Design

Summer is finally leaving and many of you are getting ready for school.wether it is changing season or any occasion, I always love to paint my nails.I have seen so many back to school nail art & thought to make something easy and fun that everyone can do it.
I haven't decided to do any videos of nail art,but if you guys like it,I'll try it next time. Let me know what you want.
These are all the color I used for the nail paint.
1.Neon Pink from Wet N wild 
   2.White polish from Wet n Wild
  3.Gold glitter from Color Riche
4.Top coat from Wet n Wild

First I applied the neon pink color all over the nails.& wait until it gets dried

Next applied the white polish and dot as I wanted.

I add some golden glitter color to enhance the look.

Final touch is to apply the top coat.That's it.Easy and super fun.

Let me know what you think about this DIY nail paint.What is your favorite nail paint,right now?
HAve a great day 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nourishment For Healthy Hair & Scalp:Hair Fertilizer

Organic root stimulator
Now a days I am loosing my hair like I was looking for something  to prevent the hair loss.
After researching for the home treatment I found this root fertilizer that works well indeed.and the best thing about it,that you can get it any local store in NYC.though I didn't find this to my nearest store,so decided to purchase  it from target by online.

As you can see its only 6 oz. in plastic container.
It is kind of creamy texture with some black dots inside which is soybean I guess,smell lil bit weird,but not bad at all.
It helps to strengthen and nourish weak and damaged hair-so important to prevent damaged hair,right?

It enriched with a blend of herbal extracts to add moisture to dry hair and scalp. it

 will help to create the perfect environment for hair to grow stronger , giving you healthy beautiful hair..naturally!!
It is ideal for those:
•with sluggish hair growth/moderate hair loss  due to chemical damage/weave
• who have restored their hair with it.

Direction: use daily,apply the small amount of the scalp .conb through all the hair evenly.then just simply use shampoo+conditioner to wash your hair.
My opinion: I am loving to use it now a days,and also even can feel the difference.
Now just waiting for the complete beautiful,healthy and moisture hair.

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Have a great Day 

Nogii Bar Review: Healthy Snacks

What is your favorite snack on afternoon/evening break? I love to have some bar on that time to boost my mood,that should be a very easy going simple snack.
I mean who doesn’t love to have some yummy bar,right ? Have you ever heard of “Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Nogii Paleo Bar”? I haven’t heard of it,until I got the mini sample of it.

So why not try it first before buy it! 

What is the special about it- 

•It’s gluten free bar 
•Mixed with Nut (tropical fruit) 
•100% all natural 
•no preservative 
•no dairy 
•diet compliant 
•from Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is the author of “A Gluten-Free Survival Guide” 
•Made in USA 

Ingredients: Dates,honey , organic cashew butter,Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Organic dried mangoes, Unsweetened coconut,Cashews,Freeze dried bananas, Unsulphered dried apples, organic freeze dried pineapples, sesame seeds,Organic sunflower oil. 

My opinion: it is so yummy.little bit sour-sweet taste;Too much coconut in the bar(am not the coconut lover,though).Overall love it. 

To receive a special promotion, go to; click buy now and enter promo code: PALEO

Letme know if you taste it before and give your thought about this bar.
HAve a great day.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bzzcampaign: Dentyne Ice Gum Pack

Are you a gum lover like me? Then you defenitly love to hear about my new Bzzcampaign that I have received this week from Bzzagent.

My hubby and me always bought gum from the wholesale store.You know how much it's important to keep gum either on your pocket,bag or in the pouch.You don't know when you gonna looking for it.I always keep my gum on every purse i have,always forget to keep it with me.And also keep some extra gum packs on our car!!That is actually extra care.duh!!
It is help to prevent the bad breath.
Inside of my bzzkit, I received 12packs of gum in 3 different flavor.
One is peppermint.another one is spearmint and the last one is arctic chill (which I have never heard about it before!!)
WHAT you think about the new taste??

Each have 16 piece of gum.You an flip the packet also.So that you can keep different places.
Now we are testing the  gum..Let me know what is your favorite among all of it? 

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watch the video Here:

HAve fun

P.S. I am a bzzagent and received free products to test and give my honest opinion.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I was lucky enough to win an awesome giveaway that hosted by Sandra who is an awesome blogger.She was hosting to giveaway the Revlon colorstay smokey stick which is so adorable.Thank you so much for choosing me.
Here is my prize below
Thank you once again Sandra for this awesome smokey shadow

P.s. watch the video if you want

Friday, August 17, 2012

August Birchbox 2012

Finally received my August Birchbox,as you may don't know that last month,I had not received my box; that's why i was so worried about this month's box.I still don't know how my box was missing! (what a bad shipping process!!) Anyway after contacting to birchbox 5 times,they replied me and for the loss,they expand my subscription to one extra month! which is not bad ( as  they failed to replaced my July box!!)
Anyway, this month's theme is about "BEAUTY SCHOOL Supply Kit" (really like this idea!) Let me show you some sneekpeek of my box.
This month they changed the color of the package cover which is yellow( regular packaging color is pink)and it is actually looks cool to change the color.I was actually so bored to see the same pink box!
These are all the 5 products I have received this month.Descriptions are below.

You can watch the video of my August box below

As you can see the card below which is showing Pencil promise.They will donate the 15% procced from the birchbox shop to build a school in the Central America.
Next comes the cute pretty card with mentioning "Beauty school",where they described some beauty stuff and also mention the products they sent.

Jour | Moisturizing Lip Gloss
A gorgeous gloss that conquers dryness and ho-hum style in a single,shimmery swoop. full size, $20
My opinion:very tiny sample! but i do love the color.

Juicy Couture | Viva la juicy La Fleur
This modern scent is a feminine blend of wild berries,mandarin and waterlily. full size, $70
My opinion: i love juicy couture fragrance.I got the old one on my first box.This one smell fresh and flowery too

Oscar Blendi | Volumizing Dry Shampoo
This volume-boosting dry shampoo absorbs excessoil and strenthens hair. Full size, $25
My Opinion: i was so excited to get it as I had never tried the dry shampoo! It doesn't grissy at it

ShowStoppers | Fashion Tape
These double -sided  tape strips will ensure that your party dress stays perfectly in place. 24 strips, $9.99

Schick Hydro Silk Razor | $9.99
razor included a coupon
My opinion: So, this is a razor!! huh!!

So, that's all in my box this month.Let me know what you get on your box.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I was so excited when Walmart gave away free U by Kotex pads,tampons with a free clutch!The clutch looked so pretty on their website,but actually its not same as they showed on their website. 
But anyway. it doesn't bad at all.We still can use it (lol)
Before I get this sample,I never got chance to buy this brand,cause for me, it is expensive! But I always wish to try one day.Thanks to Walmart for this sample.Let me show you what i have received in the box.As you can see,it's a cute lil bag with the clutch.
I really like that pretty flower design on the clutch.In the box,they sent 2 different sizes of pads,one tampons,coupons,instrcution.
it has 3 pockets to carry your pads.and buttoned system .

This one is the regular size,i guess.
and this is the tiny mini pad

I have never tried tampons in my life,and I don't want to.This is the weird stuff to use!!

haha!! got $1.00 off coupon!!

So that's all the thing I have received and like it.Let me know if you got the same clutch too.
Have a great Weekend 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


This is my 1st campaign from Smiley360 and I was so excited to try the 5 hour energy drinks as I have always seen the tiny bottles like in every store.Though I have never got chance to buy it for any reason.To be honest I don't take energy drinks/supplement because I am already energetic(haha)But my hubby always get tired after work or every Sunday morning.So I thought why not accepting this campaign!
First of all,if you don't know what is Smiley360, You can learn by visiting their website and join HERE.I have been their member like 4 months already.So,really excited to get this offer for the first time!
As you can see, they sent me two bottles of two different flavor energy drinks.So I let my hubby to try both of it(not in a one day,though!)
each value is $3.00

I am absolutely going to give my hubby's honest opinion below.
OPINION: He doesn't like the berry flavor,but the pomegranate flavor is not bad at all.It is so sweet to drink!!But it does work well.I mean while he was feeling tired,sip it and then he really felt that kind of energy..
So he gave this energy drink 6 out of 10.
(He would rather go for the Red bull -which is his favorite energy drink than any other like this one.
Sorry for his compliment!)
Thank you to smiley360 for the campaign to let us give our honest opinion.
If you want free and awesome stuff from them then you can join via my referral: Smiley360
Thank you for reading.Please comment below if you have any question.