Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bzzcampaign: Dentyne Ice Gum Pack

Are you a gum lover like me? Then you defenitly love to hear about my new Bzzcampaign that I have received this week from Bzzagent.

My hubby and me always bought gum from the wholesale store.You know how much it's important to keep gum either on your pocket,bag or in the pouch.You don't know when you gonna looking for it.I always keep my gum on every purse i have,always forget to keep it with me.And also keep some extra gum packs on our car!!That is actually extra care.duh!!
It is help to prevent the bad breath.
Inside of my bzzkit, I received 12packs of gum in 3 different flavor.
One is peppermint.another one is spearmint and the last one is arctic chill (which I have never heard about it before!!)
WHAT you think about the new taste??

Each have 16 piece of gum.You an flip the packet also.So that you can keep different places.
Now we are testing the  gum..Let me know what is your favorite among all of it? 

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watch the video Here:

HAve fun

P.S. I am a bzzagent and received free products to test and give my honest opinion.


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