Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nogii Bar Review: Healthy Snacks

What is your favorite snack on afternoon/evening break? I love to have some bar on that time to boost my mood,that should be a very easy going simple snack.
I mean who doesn’t love to have some yummy bar,right ? Have you ever heard of “Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Nogii Paleo Bar”? I haven’t heard of it,until I got the mini sample of it.

So why not try it first before buy it! 

What is the special about it- 

•It’s gluten free bar 
•Mixed with Nut (tropical fruit) 
•100% all natural 
•no preservative 
•no dairy 
•diet compliant 
•from Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is the author of “A Gluten-Free Survival Guide” 
•Made in USA 

Ingredients: Dates,honey , organic cashew butter,Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Organic dried mangoes, Unsweetened coconut,Cashews,Freeze dried bananas, Unsulphered dried apples, organic freeze dried pineapples, sesame seeds,Organic sunflower oil. 

My opinion: it is so yummy.little bit sour-sweet taste;Too much coconut in the bar(am not the coconut lover,though).Overall love it. 

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Letme know if you taste it before and give your thought about this bar.
HAve a great day.

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