Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nourishment For Healthy Hair & Scalp:Hair Fertilizer

Organic root stimulator
Now a days I am loosing my hair like I was looking for something  to prevent the hair loss.
After researching for the home treatment I found this root fertilizer that works well indeed.and the best thing about it,that you can get it any local store in NYC.though I didn't find this to my nearest store,so decided to purchase  it from target by online.

As you can see its only 6 oz. in plastic container.
It is kind of creamy texture with some black dots inside which is soybean I guess,smell lil bit weird,but not bad at all.
It helps to strengthen and nourish weak and damaged hair-so important to prevent damaged hair,right?

It enriched with a blend of herbal extracts to add moisture to dry hair and scalp. it

 will help to create the perfect environment for hair to grow stronger , giving you healthy beautiful hair..naturally!!
It is ideal for those:
•with sluggish hair growth/moderate hair loss  due to chemical damage/weave
• who have restored their hair with it.

Direction: use daily,apply the small amount of the scalp .conb through all the hair evenly.then just simply use shampoo+conditioner to wash your hair.
My opinion: I am loving to use it now a days,and also even can feel the difference.
Now just waiting for the complete beautiful,healthy and moisture hair.

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