Sunday, August 5, 2012


I was so excited when Walmart gave away free U by Kotex pads,tampons with a free clutch!The clutch looked so pretty on their website,but actually its not same as they showed on their website. 
But anyway. it doesn't bad at all.We still can use it (lol)
Before I get this sample,I never got chance to buy this brand,cause for me, it is expensive! But I always wish to try one day.Thanks to Walmart for this sample.Let me show you what i have received in the box.As you can see,it's a cute lil bag with the clutch.
I really like that pretty flower design on the clutch.In the box,they sent 2 different sizes of pads,one tampons,coupons,instrcution.
it has 3 pockets to carry your pads.and buttoned system .

This one is the regular size,i guess.
and this is the tiny mini pad

I have never tried tampons in my life,and I don't want to.This is the weird stuff to use!!

haha!! got $1.00 off coupon!!

So that's all the thing I have received and like it.Let me know if you got the same clutch too.
Have a great Weekend 

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