Thursday, September 20, 2012

Always Infinity Pads Review : shespeaks

Now a days I'm kind of loving this Always Infinity pad.I am always confused to choose the right pad for menstrual issue.(lol)But hell! finally got the right one for me.
Recently received this sample to test and review it and am so happy for the overall result.
It is so comfortable to use.I can even use it overnight with protection;no leakage or doubt.
Inside of the packet they sent 3 regular size pads.
You know,it sound weird but true,it took 10 years to determine the right pads for me!!
I had always problem with over fluid, overnight leakage, and tensed.But now i am not worried.
It is so light to use that I couldn't realize what i was wearing.I don't feel stinky or any kindof bad feeling while using it.Comfortable and well good enough to use.

After reviewing the sample, they actually send me a full box of Infinity pad.

Thank you for it.
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