Friday, September 14, 2012

Time To Paint Nail For Autumn

As Autumn  is ringing the bell;it's time to pamper myself with a new nail design that mix up with the season perfectly.
This month i was thinking to do something dark-pale combination color,but my black nail polish is running out.Thanks to Birchbox; they sent me the gorgeous dark color that similar to black and kind of dark navy.I am in love with this color  now.I think am gonna wear this color for the whole month; in different way though.
So for now, I choose three nail polish to make my nails happy.

1.Color Club (STATUS UPDATE) - for the base 
2.Zoya Polish (BEVIN) - sidely parted on the nail.
3.WNW Top coat
I first applied the color club polish which is called "status update" got from Birchbox this month.You can check it out HERE

When it dries, add the zoya polish shade"BEVIN" on the top of the nail to enhance the color in a geometric shape.I got this from Birchbox too.

Let it dry.After that just apply the top coat from WNW to protect the design.

See, how easy it is.Guess anyone can do it.If you like it , please let me know and don't forget to show your fall nail look too.
Have a great day.Xoxo....


Thank you so much for your precious comment..Have a great Day..Xoxo..