Saturday, September 8, 2012

Unreal Candy Review

I have never heard of "unreal" candy in my life before;so i was so interested to try it when i got the coupons from Bzzagent.I got the 'BOGO" coupons;so it wasn't free at all. But anyway at least I could save some money,right?
If you wannalearn more about this candy, then go to their website - Unreal Candy

I couldn't find all the candies though,so I select the red one ,which is called "chocolate caramel nouget bar" and the "candy coated chocolate and peanuts"(I like this one)
So i went to CVS and got two of it and grab it.

I thought this one similar to the gems candy,but it's not.It has the nut inside and wrapped with chocolate,candy.
Different shape;feels like handmade!YUmm!!
See, the layer? NUT-CHOCOLATE-CANDY.The taste is amazing as it looks like!

This one also tasted yummy!

I wish I could have more coupons to share with my readers!
Have you tasted this candy too,? Let me know.
Have a great weekend 

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