Friday, October 19, 2012

Current favorite Mascara (Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara ) Review

As you might read my previous review HERE I don't need to introduce the company called EYE OF HORUS again,but if you don't read that then click the link above and learn more about their awesome eye makeup collections.
I am not a mascara type girl,but I do love their Goddess mascara,which sounds so egyptian(can be cleopatra !!haha me no!!)
So now i'm gonna review my current favorite mascara "Goddess Mascara" from EYE OF HORUS.

Description from their website-
It has natural ingredients that helpful for lashes- strengthen and lengthen.It has carnauba was,bees wax, rice bran wax, candelillah wax.(I only know the beeswax,no idea about the rest of it,but guess they all are natural.

 O    Flexible brush glides with lashes and curls and enhances lashes naturally
     O    Wont irritate eyes or sting
     O    Easily removable use warm water to melt and dissolve waxes
     O    Coats lashes evenly
     O    Assist in lash growth
     O    Natural formula wont clump or clog
     O    Conditions and strengthens lash structure
     O    Treatment that cares for your lashes

My Opinion-
*do not smudge at all.
*I have to apply 2/3 coat  to emphasis the look.
*not smelly at all
*not greasy feelings
*pop out my eyes easily
*Easy to remove ( with any kind of makeup remover!)

I know it looks weird as I am testing it on my hand (lol)

The brush is made by plastic but soft.I don't find andy harshness.

Guess you are thinking I need false lashes(lol).Sorry for the tired eye pictures.I was really tired that day though.
BTW I hope you like the review and please let me know if you wanna try it or if you have tried it before let me know what's your opinion!


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