Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flash Point Candle Review

This week the cold and windy weather makes me sick.As Autumn is already hitting me like crazy,it's time to warm my home with  lots of candles!
Recently I have got chance to try the Flash point candle and seriously I am loving this candle like forever!
So this fall and the entire winter season, am gonna enjoy my warm days with candles and candles and candles.

As you can see it's a huge pot made with Saxon ceramic.I absolutely love the color which is called " Saxon Leaf Green Citrus Blossom".
I absolutely love the smell of citrus blossom. It warm up my small room and smell so fresh.
It is so pretty that you can decorate it at anywhere, outside/inside home. Specially at night it brightens up the entire room and I just enjoy my time by sipping tea and listening music.It does makes my mood wonderful! 

The description of their website about this candle below:
Saxon ceramic candle is multi-wick and hand poured in the USA with premium soy blend wax. Leaf is a multi-green-toned glaze that is layer dripped for a truly one-of-a-kind look.  The interior glaze is sky blue to maximize the 6 wick candle glow.  Each candle comes with a clear cover and an Ivory grosgrain bow, a perfect gift or table top accessory.  9" diameter and 3" tall.  6lbs

Fragranced with Citrus Blossom, a soft floral scent with notes of fresh citrus zest

On their website you can get many different shade of the pot and candles like rainbow.SO you can buy any color of your choice.
I absolutely love their shipping and handling process.100% safe.
You can check out this candle by clicking here: FlASHPOINT CANDLE

Enjoy the day with warm and happy happy hugs and kisses.

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