Friday, October 19, 2012

What's In My Eye Makeup Bag (EyeOfHorus Mascara) Review

Since the starting of my make up life,I was looking for the perfect Eye Makeup collection that actually works for me.My complained mostly about the kohl eye pencil that smudge  the liner around eyes,which is absolutely dislikable.Though I have no complain about gel liner.
Recently,found this brand, called  EYEOFHORUS , that many bloggers talk about it.I was curious too about their collection of eye make up.And luckily got chance to try it.

I must say,I am amazed with their product.This is absolutely awesome to try something that actually impress me!
Here is all the products for eye make up.

The essential pack is for the smokey eye makeup, which includes-
                 1.Goddess Mascara ( value $30)
                2.Custom Compact Mirror (value $15)
               3.Natural Smokey Eye Pencil (value $30)
              4.Liquid Define Eye Liner (value $30)
             5.Eye Of Horus Sharpener (value $5)

I absolutely love all of their products and also recommend everyone to try their products.
Let  me know what you think about their eye makeup collection..Enjoy the video if wish:
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