Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's In My October Birchbox : Goop/Silly Box!!

Hell, ya!! I do not like goop box.My expectation failed again when I opened it.I got some good stuff but in ridiculous way.My box wasn't looks like a $10 box.I am not lying guys,I just waste my money,that's all.The amount of the samples are kind of very silly.that's why  I called it silly box instead of goop.I wish I couldn't select for goop.My expectation was like that teen vogue box that I received beofore.That was an awesome box ever I have received!
So the box came with white packaged as the theme was Goop.

You can check out the video if you wish:

here comes the card that describes all the products in the box.

Enough reading.Let me show you the entire products.

Embryolisse | Lait-Creme concentre- 24 Hour Miracle Cream (Full size $ 16 )
A fvt of models/artists,this cult french lotion heals dryness.Bonus: it also works as a primer and make up remover.

Lulu Organic | Lavender +Clary Sage Hair Powder ( full size $ 30)
Laced with organic lavender and sage,this sweet-smelling dry shampoo revives flat or second day hair.

Karuna | Hydrating Treatment Masks (4 masks $28)
Get on board with the sheet mask trend.This at-home fave contains Japanese natto(soybean) to boost skin's moisture levels.

Naked Princess | Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss (full size $ 26)
Show off your nearly bare lips with this sheer gloss, which doubles as a subtle plumper.

Luna | Lemon zest ( pack of 15 $ 18.75)
These zesty snacks are a good fave. They are the perfect for keeping you full in between meals ( plus they can double as a healthy dessert)

Seriously guys, it tasted so horrible!!too much lemon zest in it.Not for me though!! Yuck! yuck!
Sorry for my honest opinion!

So, what you think about this box? lemme know.

BTW what is in your birchbox this month let me know by comment below.
HAve fun xoxo


  1. It's a shame that you pay all this money and recieve products you don't even like :( xo

    1. Absolutely..I did mistake for the long subscription lol ...thanks for the comment though..


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