Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's In My Sephora Free Event Beauty Bag

I was lucky enough to attend the Beauty event on Sephora last month.I went on Sunday(last day) with hubby and it was amazing experienced as usual. I didn't take any appointment,though had to wait for half an hour on the line.
I got a one-on-one skincare IQ consultation with an expert.She was pretty enough to give me some advice and also gave me a mini facial(I don't remember what mask she was putting on my face,but it was burning slightly)and Nude cream sample for my dry skin.
And of course the makeup bag with lots of goodies.And surprisely She also gave me some few more samples with benefit mini bag as a gift, as I was the youngest customer(she said!). Maybe she was right;I was standing with some old ladies though..:p
Let me show you what I got.

Inside of the bag,I got so many stuff:

Very deluxe sample!!

I will definitely try this

This one is my fvt!! can't believe I got this!!

I also got extra stuff below: 

2 shampoo samples

This cute bag is so cute

smell so nice

it's very light to it

as I have very dry skin and winter is ringing the bell,so this sample must go into my bag sure!
So,that's all I have received that day.I also bought afoot cream from soap & glory,which I'll review soon on my blog.
Have a great Thursday!!


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