Monday, October 29, 2012

What's In The Target Beauty Bag: fall 2012 (Last Edition)

I was so excited to get the last edition of Target Beauty Fall bag, as the bag is in the leopard print.I am so in love with this print(almost wanna buy everything of leopard!!)
We got 4 bags of target(hubby,me,mom,sis) I love to collect all of it.And of course,I love this bag( i know it's cheap,but IDC.still pretty to use as makeup travel bag,right?

BTW all the samples are nice to try.

1.lots of coupons only for target.
2.Loreal evercreme : shampoo,conditioner, hair mask.
3.PIXI : foundation primer
4.Clear scalp & hair therapy: shampoo, conditioner
5.Jergens Daily Moisture: smoother skin
6. Fekkai Glossy shampoo and conditioner

I tried the Loreal extreme hair mask and it works nothing on my hair.I thought it could make the hair soft , silky and healthy.Not gonna buy it .
I love the Fekkai shampoo and conditioner as used it before from costco samples.Happy to get it.
Rest of the products still in a testing mode.
You can watch the video

Let me know if you get the target bag too.


  1. I didn't get it in time, I wish i luv leopard my fav. CONGRATS , But I have had a terrible day, My daughter accidentally deleted most of my blog reviews, I was sad and heartbroken. Cried most of the day, I had tabs for everything, And she deleted all of them.And no back up 

    1. Hope Everything ll be fine..thanks for the comment

  2. Ooh I'm still waiting on mine! I can't wait to get it! :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. Great post!!! I love trying out my new samples!! :)

  4. Got one! Love the bag, and the contents are fun. Good review. Video is a nice touch. :)


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