Saturday, November 10, 2012

AHAVA Eye Makeup Remover Review

Happy Saturday night everyone!
Here in NYC,the weather is getting cold but still nice.It's like a sweater-weather to me.
Right now,warming up myself with milk-tea and toast;writing the review of my newly favorite "AHAVA Eye Makeup Remover".
I have never tried an eye makeup remover individually before;always use cleanser/foam wash/wiper/oil to remove all the makeup including eyes.No doubt its bad for the skin as well as eyes to use roughly products to remove makeup.I have totally stopped using makeup remover towelettes/wiper now a days; Its irritates my skin a lot. 
As all we know that eye is the most sensitive parts of our body,we have to be more careful and gentle to use any products,removing the eye makeup.(too lazy I am)
Finally found a great products that actually solve my problems.I am really excited to try the "AHAVA Eye Makeup Remover".It is an amazing and excellent products that I just tried recently.

comes with a description paper!
Info. From Their website:
A gently effective water & oil based formula that removes even the toughest waterproof eye makeup without leaving a sticky residue or drying skin. Formulated with the nourishing properties of Dead Sea minerals, this remover leaves the eye area completely clean and soft.
Calming & soothing yet effective formula enriched with Aloe Vera, Bisabolol, Calendula & Cucumber extract
Mineral rich cleanser that increases moisture levels as it hydrates skin around the eye
Ophthalmologist tested

Price: $18.00 ( 4.2 oz)

the osmoter™
A perfectly-balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals that effectively replenishes, rehydrates and recharges the skin. It's a sensation that says "my skin reborn".

Love the packaging.Comes in a blue bottle.Let me show you how it removes all the dirts and makeup from eyes ( I also used all over my face to remove makeup as my skin is combi-dry.It is a oil based remover;so i have no problem with that)

I just used a cotton pad to remove makeup.(love my clarisonic too;review coming soon)Just shake well to mix the formula;You just need a little drop of the oil;dab it and apply!Simple,right?But remember to do it very gentle.Don't be harsh!

Look at all the dirts,makeup comes off with pad!
eye shadow removed

from the face removed makeup
See,how awesome it is! I am so impressed!Here is my clean face pampered with face and eye cream etc

What I like:
* oil based that is not harsh for my skin
* a little drop of the oil works for both eyes
* Very gentle
* Moisture My skin

* can use with/without cotton pads
* alcohol free
* not irritate at all
* no odd smell
* love the blue bottle print

What I dislike: N/A (love it)

Purchase Again?: Yup!!Now it's in my fvt list

Where to buy it?:  AHAVA

What do you think about this makeup remover?                    



  1. loved your review, I really want to try a clarisonic brush, I emailed them, on their site but it wouldn't go through, Great review my friend xo

    1. Thanks dear, I love clarisonic.Its so aweome to use.Makes my skin breath..
      You can get it on Birchbox/sephora/on their site too

  2. I have only tried their hand cream, and it was amazing! I will have to check this one out when I am in the need for a new one, great review :) xx

  3. Great review! I just use a facewash at night and it removes my makeup, but this is definitely convenient if I don't want to wash my face and just want the makeup off. :-)

    ~ Yun


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