Monday, November 5, 2012

Carmex Lip Balm Review

As the weather is getting windy,everything looks dull and dry, especially it affects our skin.
One thing that annoying me mostly in the winter season is the "DRY LIPS"
And yes,I have the issue with that.My lips are getting dry even all of the seasons!!(hheh not so lucky)

Thats why I need extra care to prevent the dryness.I almost try all the lip products.Some of it works well.Some goes just by the name.
Here you go- another awesome brand everyone probably knows about it "Carmex"
Recently I found the deal on Walgreens: BOGO offer.ANd then who's gonna stop me to grab it!!
Retail Price: $1.49
flavor: cherry & strawberry

Moisturizing lip balm
Non-addictive and not tested on animals
Contains SPF 15 sunscreen
Available in .35 oz. tube

*Replaces moisture and protects from sunburn.
*Contains germ-killing menthol and phenol, speeding the healing process


Octinoxate and Oxybenzone, two sunscreen agents
beeswax, camphor, cetyl esters, flavor, lanolin, menthol, mineral oil, petrolatum, phenol, and theobroma cacao(cocoa) seed butter.

My opinion:
I do not like the cherry flavor but currently using the starwberry one.I like is actually healing my lips.It has thementhol test and I have no problem with that.Not a big fan but still like it.
Have you ever used carmex?


  1. I have never used Carmex, but the strawberry flavor might just win me over. I'll have to check this out. :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. thanks for stopping by. you should try the strawberry one.smell nice


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