Monday, November 5, 2012

Eye Of Horus: Liquid Define Eyeliner Review

Currently loving this liquid define eyeliner.Work so smoothly and don't even smash the look!
It's one of the new company,called " EyeOfHorus" that actually made some awesome cosmetics specially for the eye.
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Aqua, Acrylate Copolymer, Black2 (CI77266), Laureth-21, DEG-40 Hydrdgenated Castor Oil, Methylisothiazolinone (9.5%) Paraben Free

Eye of Horus pen-like tip gives better control and comes with a reversable tip. You can extract the tip using tweezers and flip it around and you've got a brand new tip!

Eye of Horus Liquid Define can be "primed" keep the liquid through to the tip of the felt pen, open and turning cap upside down to make a “cup” bend the tip slightly to point down inside the cupped lid to push liner liquid to tip. This will keep the liquid in the barrel filled to the tip, and a beautiful full line.

My opinion:
The lid is sharp enough to make a beautiful liner;just work like a marker!absolutely love it!

eeh!Sorry for the blurr piks.taken by iphone

Easy to make the cat eye look.

You must try this liquid eyeliner
retail price: $30.00
website: EyeofHorus
Kind of expensive but worth it!



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