Thursday, November 8, 2012

Parnevu Hair Care Review

It's snowing outside;sipping my hot chocolate and writing the review about hair care products now.
Winter means, extra care of skin,body & hair.I have suffered a lot during winter time for damaged ,dry & unhealthy hair.But finally found the solution, that actually help me nourish my unruly damaged hair and gives a beautiful,healthy and shiny looks!
Yes, i'm talking about the company called Parnevu and they have some amazing products for healthy shiny and beautiful hair.Check out the website and you definitely gonna love it. 
Recently they sent me some of their awesome products that I have chosen to try.
1.PARNEVU T-Tree Scalp Oil( value $6.00) Click Here
2.PARNEVU T-Tree Herbal Grow ( value $6.00 ) Click Here
3.PARNEVU T-Tree Leave In Conditioner ( value $6.00) Click Here 

1.PARNEVU T-Tree Scalp Oil: (2 fl oz)

PARNEVU T-Tree Scalp Oil is a unique formulated to be applied daily directly to scalp to stimulate, heal and repair hair and scalp, reducing itching, flaking and dryness while promoting healthy growth. For a complete treatment, try PARNEVU T-Tree Herbal Grow and Leave in Conditioner.

My opinion:
I really need this one to grow my hair fast.This is an amazing oil.I specially love it because it has nozzle system that help me apply the oil directly on the scalp.Within 25 days, my hair grow like 1 and half inch!!Now this is in my fvt list.Not only me but also my hubby use it too to prevent itching problem.

2.PARNEVU T-Tree Herbal Grow: ( 6 oz)

To achieve total hair and scalp health, PARNEVU features the natural curative properties of Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil, "Nature's Healer", is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory PARNEVU T-Tree Herbal Grow is uniquely formulated to stimulate healthy growth while treating dandruff and eliminating flaky, dry, and itchy scalp. Regular use of PARNEVU T-Tree Herbal Grow naturally promotes growth and the healing process for total hair and scalp health. Try PARNEVU T-Tree Shampoo and T-Tree Leave In Conditioner for a complete curative system.

Enriched with organic T-Tree Oil

My opinion:
It is like petrolium jelly texture to use.It has kind of weird smell that I don't like about it.(I actually love nice smelly products!!)But it works well.I have color-treated hair.So it's nice to use it.protect and renew my hair from damaged and hairfall.It is also helpful to prevent dandruff.most of the time I suffer from unwanted dandruff which is horrible;but after using it,I get releif from dandruff a lot.Me and hubby both of us use it.I use it twice a week.

3.PARNEVU T-Tree Leave In Conditioner:( 12 oz )
It is uniquely formulated to penetrate,help heal and moisturize the dry,damaged hair and flaky,itchy scalp.Regular use of leave-in formula will promote natural and healthy hair.

My Opinion:
Leave-in conditioner is always in my list.I can't live without it.Happy to get chance to use their leave-in conditioner.It's smell nice and a huge size of the bottle(which I have never seen before in other company).Creamy texture.Easy to apply.Non greasy.I apply it after washing my hair/sometimes in dry hair too.It makes the hair really smooth and healthy.Love it

Have you ever heard of this company?Go check their awesome products: Parnevu 
Let me know your fvt hair care products...
have a great day.

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  1. Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Thank you for this info, I am waiting to try it soon. Not sure if they will send me what i picked on the form, But they contacted me via fb, Great review xo


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