Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sunday Lame Day & Some Shopping Trip

Today is Tuesday and am posting about my Sunday activity!!
Never Mind!!
I had some great feelings about Sunday,sometimes it turned into lame :p
So I had the coupons for the Free "Eat Smart" Bar,2 coupons for me & for hubby.
We got that from GNC store.One is Frosted cinnamon caramel crunch flavor,another one is chocolate peanut caramel crunch.The guy there was stupid enough to talk.He was saying that it's free cause taste horrible! (what a stupid suggestion!) Seriously guys, I don't like this type of people who speak negative speech! Anyway,am glad the bars tasted "YUMMY". I am not a cinnamon fan,but still love it.My hubby ate the chocolate one(he liked it)It was a full size bar.Very big amount.It took so much time to finish it!
Did you get yours?

Then went to the CVS to grab some nail polish.
I actually wanna to buy the nail pail offer.But didn't like the polishes.The brushes are not good enough and cheap. There was so many sale on beauty stuff!
Anyway I just grab two nail polish from Sally Hansen;the deal was 2 for $4 !!
I was dying to get the blue color called "Blue Me Away" I am in love with this color.So pretty!!!
Another one is "Black Out".So badly need this one too.Going to review this two colors soon.

Also bought the Nail polish remover from the brand of CVS store.It was only $1.99

Then we had some snack-time on the mini restaurent near our area.
Ate our fvt snacks- Kabaab & Singara.
Don't you love it?

Then got back home and watched some movies on Netflix(I love netflix)
Eat some food and beans, we are the food lovers,

And then we had a long deep sleep.....zzz
What did you do on Sunday?


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