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The Best Way To Cure Bad Breath: Orabrush Review

I guess many of you have already heard of Orabrush that require to cure the bad breath.
Today I am going to review about the awesome product called "Orabrush"
First of all,let me honest with you guys,I have bad breath!I mean who doesn't? I brush my teeth twice a day.But still have bad breath until I clean my tongue.The most important thing is to clean our nasty/filthy TONGUE which is the main reason we have bad breath.I am a freaking candy lover.Always carry candies in my purse/drawer/blah blah.And you probably knows that chocolate is the most annoying thing to cause bad breath.I have never tried anything except the regular tooth brush to clean my tongue and as usual use the strong flavored mouthwash that almost burn my mouth!
Finally found this extra-ordinary Orabush that specifically clean and cure the bad breath.Sound crazy,right?As you can see it comes with a flat-wide brush and a tongue foam cleaner-
Description from the Website:


Individual, ultra soft bristles that reach deep into the uneven areas of your tongue, removing the source of bad breath.

"Tongue bacteria....account for 80-90% of all cases of bad breath."
Dental School of the University of Buffalo, NY

"Orabrush is far superior to any tongue cleaner I have used."
Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, DDS MS Dean, College of Dental Medicine

Instructions: Moisten your tongue (using Orabrush Tongue Foam or water). Gently brush several times with your Orabrush. Reach the scraper towards the back of your tongue and remove the residue generated from brushing. (Do not press too firmly, you may damage tongue tissue.) Replace with your toothbrush.
 The interest thing about the orabrush that you can see in tha packet,there is a touch me brush stick with;so that you can feel the soften of the brush and trust it!

There is an epic battle in your mouth between good bacteria and bad breath bacteria. Orabrush Tongue Foam with Orazyme is armed with 7 all-natural enzymes that build up the good bacteria in order to protect against future bad breath attacks- without killing your mouth's natural defense against odor-causing bacteria. The more you use Orabrush Tongue Foam, the more you strengthen your mouths natural defenses. Death to future bad breath!

The Power of Orabrush Tongue Foam:

Tongue Foam contains a concentrated Orazyme formula, created from a blend of seven different natural oral enzymes which selectively inhibit the “bad” bacteria while helping maintain healthy microflora and overall oral balance. The unique film-forming moisturizers help shield your mouth from infection causing germs and scratches.
- 7 enzymes actively build your mouth's natural bad breath defenses
Patent-pending foaming action
- No alcohol or burn
- 60 uses per bottle!

Seven Concentrated Enzymes

Lysozyme - a naturally occurring protein known to weaken the cell wall of certain types of bad bacteria.
Amylase and amyloglucosidase - both known as “dextrinizing” enzymes, because they can break down complex foods containing sugars, helping prevent cavities.
Glucoxidase - a naturally occurring microbial enzyme widely used in food applications to extend the shelf life of products. It does this by reacting with the available oxygen, thus depriving aerobic bacteria of the opportunity to grow.
Peptizyme - one of the most potent anti-inflammatory enzymes known. It effectively controls dental infections and helps to reduce plaque.
Papain - a protease that is widely used for tooth whitening and to reduce plaque build-up.
Selectobac - a compound comprised of phytic acid, sodium EDTA and lactoferrin, and iron-binding glycoprotein present in milk and saliva. By increasing saliva levels, Selectobac also helps prevent cavities.


Apply 1 to 2 pumps of foam directly onto your Orabrush bristles or, if prefered, directly onto your tongue. Use Orabrush as normal to scrub and clean your tongue. Spit out excess tongue foam when complete. Do not swallow. Orabrush tongue foam works best when used over time. Use twice daily. 60 uses in one bottle.
See the Before/after picture on the packet.

Price: 1 orabrush & 1 Tongue foam; special price $9.99

 You can also check out their hilarious videos on youtube.
Here is the video of my hubby,using Orabrush and his hygiene routine.Hope you guys like it (lol)
Overall Our Opinion:
This is an amazing brush that we love it a lot(including my hubby!) It does clean the tongue and cure the bad embarrassing breath.I must say,I am so satisfy to use the orabrush Foam as it doesn't burn my mouth at all;very light and absorbable. Simply Incredible!

Purchase Again: YES!!

Where To Buy: Amazon , Walgreens, riteaid, etc

Have you ever used Orabrush?



  1. Thanks for the review! Now I'm going to go out and look for this thing. I've never seen it before.

  2. Looks like a good product. :)

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  3. I've never used tongue foam hehe, but it looks interesting. I currently just use toothpaste to clean my tongue. :-)

    ~ Yun


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