Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big And Gorgeous Circle Lenses By Uniqso

Do you love beautiful eye makeup with bigger eyes? Then you definitely need to read this post.First of all I am so sorry to write this post so lately.But finally here I am with my review about the Circle Contact lense sponsored by UNIQSO 

You guys need to know that this company is freaking awesome!They have many different colored CIRCLE lense that makes your  eyes look bigger and gorgeous & the lenses are cheaper than other company but worth it!
If you guys need more info about circle lense, then click Here below (find the banner beside) 
As you can see, they sent me the lenses with a mini blue box;including a case and a greeting card(that is so sweet of them!)

I chose the Three Tone lenses-Barbie diamond-Grey. As you might know I wear glass all the time. So I add power lense for me.But If you have no problem with power,You can choose from Plano;which are 0 power!

 Here is a sneak-peek of the lenses.

Thanks for the greeting card!I love it!

Let me show you some of my pics with different light shades.It's all happ. for my camera!(wish I could get a better camera!) I look like whitewash!!!!

I took this photo after 2 hours later! still feel comfortable to wear!  

*Brand- Barbie (Dueba)
*Origin- South Korea
*Content-62% polyhema, 38% water in lense; stored in saline solution
*Validity-5 years!!

Here are some of my instagram photos:

that's like a jumbo eyes;isn't it?

My Opinion: 
All in all, I really really love these lenses! Even with the first wear, they were very comfortable to me and I wore them for around 6 hours with no problems. I have pretty sensitive eyes and often feel discomfort with lenses after as little as an hour but these didn't dry my eyes out and didn't make me dizzy either.
Be honest with you guys,I wear glasses all the time;but for party/holiday event,I need something that cheeky and in the mean time comfy too.Their lensesare the best for any occasion & They are super cheap and affordable too.
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Happy New Year!!! to all my dear dear sweet friend.


  1. your eyes look amazing!


  2. Fun Fun with lenses, You did a great review my friend, I could have never done this review, Good job xoxo I hate taking close up pics xoxo

    1. thank you so much...You should try it too...Or you can let others help you tk pics <3


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