Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Covergirl Blastflipstick Review AND Swatches

Guess I am not late enough to review about the Dual "CoverGirl Blastflipstick".Last month I got this covergirl campiagn from bzzagent.You can check out my other products review from bzzagent by searching it on my blog.
I was so excited to try all the lipsticks,as I always seen  them in drugstore and passing them with eye-rolling.Finally they are in my hand now! Such a pretty color to play with everyday look!You even can change the shade of your lipstick for day/night look..

let me show you what I got first-
I absolutely love their packaging.Comes with  a box of covergirl;so pretty!! Inside of the box,they sent me three lipsticks that have total 6 colors in it.And of course with lots of coupons to share with friends and family & a Bzzguide.

 Lip color without limits
Each COVERGIRL blastflipstick yields an array of stunning colors within each blendable duo and has unlimited potential to create customizable looks for every season. Blend and design your unique lip look in seconds:
Glide on the creamy end of the stick, layering as desired
Use the shimmery end of the stick to finish the look, sweeping on layers to blend or highlight to perfection
Mix and match shades for your one-of-a-kind look

Three shades are-
*Vixen: Burgundy and pearl pink shades
*Stunner: Bright pink and gold shades
*Minx: Deep brown and gold shades

It comes with two shades- Burgundy and pearl pink.Very glossy and shiny colors!I like the burgundy color but the pearl pink is too fade for my skin tone and looks like a ghost when i wore it.I guess if you have extreme fair skin,it'll look better with it.
Vixen 820

Burgundy Shade of Vixen (820)

Pearl Pink shade of Vixen (820)

It comes with bright pink and gold shades.I love this one most! The color of bright pink is so pretty and perfect for night time.I think it's kind of deep coal pink in shiny blend.Obviously it's a glossy lipstick,so it looks pretty at night.I don't have any gold lipstick before;so I love to get it.the shade too glossy and looks weird when I applied it.May be this color is not for me.
Stunner 840

Stunner: Bright pink 840

Stunner: Gold shade 840
The last one comes with deep brown and another gold shades.I haven't tried it but will try it on.The gold shade looks awesome and really wanna try it out.The deep brown looks vampy and gorgeous too.
Minx 855

Minx: gold shade 855

Minx: deep brown 855
Here is the swatches of all the shades just for you.
minx deep brown,minx gold,stunner gold,stunner bright pink,vixen burgundy, vixen pearl pink.
Here i am wearing the burgundy vixen shade.

Have you tried the covergirl flipsticks?I have decided to buy some more lipsticks using the coupons and gift it to my family and friends.
Retail Price: $8.49
Just The fact:
Ultra blendable formula allows you to mix shades, just like a make-up artist
Dual ends let you create the current "ombre" trend on your lips!
Dual-sided stick features a creamy color on one end and a shimmery shade on the other
Created by expert make-up artist, and COVERGIRL Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath
13 colorful, complementary and expertly matched shade duos
Moisturizing formula mixes perfectly without feeling heavy or dry

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*I got this free from bzzagent.


  1. Ooo I wanted to try these! The burgundy looks gorgeous on you!

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  4. Those are some beautiful colors! The burgundy shade looks fantastic on you! :-)

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