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Healthy Dinner With Hemp Foods

I am not a regular healthy eater but I do want to be healthy;I mean WHO DOESN'T?? Now we are living in such a busiest life that it is almost impossible to eat healthy foods everyday.Though we know it's very well that how important it is to change the bad eating habit to live a better life.
Recently I have heard of this company called, MANITABO HARVEST HEMP FOODS Company that produce and distribute foods as well as Oils etc that healthy and best for the heart and body.It is mainly for healthy heart.And healthy heart means Healthy Body!
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They have so many healthy products to try out.I was willing to try their "Hemp Hearts  Raw Seeds"

Nutritious ~ Straight from the Bag!
There’s no need to grind the seed as they are ready to eat straight from the bag. Hemp Hearts™ make it easy to add omegas, protein & fiber straight into your diet.

How did they get this glorious super food into the package?

Manitoba Harvest partners with farmers to deliver seed directly to their state-of-the-art, certified facility. Here they remove the hemp seed’s hard outer shell to bring us the most nutritious part - the inner kernel (aka the hemp heart). Hemp Hearts are tested for quality then sealed in a modified atmosphere package to lock in the freshness. All of their packaging has the packaged on and best before dates to ensure we're getting the highest quality product available.

Why Hemp Hearts?

Hemp Hearts are packed full of protein with 10 grams of plant-based protein per 30 gram serving size. Hemp Hearts are a great way to get an ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3‘s including the rare EFA known as Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). Testimonials have shown that GLA alone helps with arthritis, joint mobility, eczema, hormonal balance, migraines, menopause in women, healthy cholesterol & blood pressure levels and even weight management. Check out their testimonial section to read for yourself.

Hemp food is extremely easy to digest. Hemp foods contain vitamins, chlorophyll, fiber, calcium and are rich in

folic acid.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts contain no additives or preservatives. Their Hemp Hearts are made in our dedicated hemp food facility that DOES NOT process any dairy, soy, nut or gluten products.

Check out the Nutrition Facts:

Price: (single 8 oz.) $8.99 (USD) 

How To Eat:

 A nutty flavor & the most versatile product they carry. Sprinkle hemp hearts on salads, or add to cereal, yogurt, in baking or even into smoothies!

So,I was excited to try it with our everyday salad to give a new flavor!Let me show you some pics.It tastes pretty awesome.

Here is a close pic. of  my salad;I add pita bread, gyro beef,apples,cucumber,tomato,lettuce & hemp raw seed.Can you see, the seeds makes the salad so sparkly!!Everyone at my home now love it. 

I am thinking to add hemp seeds in soup for the next recipe.Let me know if you try it too.

Check out the video review-

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What is your healthy daily recipe?
Be healthy & Happy!!!
Happy New Year!!!!!!

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  1. Love all your info here, Great pics as always and review, I love the yummy food pics xoxo Happy New years my friend

  2. Your salad look delicious! :-)
    Happy new year! Hope your 2013 is off to a great start! <3

    ~ Yun


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