Sunday, December 2, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Facial Mask Review

Hello Ladies,
It's Holiday times and who doesn't love to pamper herself/himself with an amazing mini-facial?
As you can guess,I am going to review about the Montagne Jeunesse Facial mask today! 
First of all,I am a huge fan of facial mask since high school.My mom used to make homemade facial for me and we love to pampered our-self with a mini homemade facial.Now time has changed;I have moved to NYC,I barely have time to make homemade mask.
Fortunately I have found this amazing company,called "Montagne jeunesse" who provide facial masks for men and women!I am lucky enough to get chance to try their holiday mask pack and I am so excited too to review it.
  This is the Holiday gift pack mask that i have received.
There are 5 masks to treat yourself.Let me review each of it.
Peel Off Mask: (0.3 oz)
 this is the peel off cucumber mask. Gently peel away dead skin form the face.
Find a fresher face when you peel away this purifying mask.The ideal gentle peel specially formulated for T-zone skin.Remove impurities and dead cell whilst cleaning and reviving the skin.
How to Apply: 
clean your face.Apply a thin layer evenly.Enough for face and neck;avoid eyes,lips and hair.After 10-20 minutes/when it dries just peel it off.
Not use for sensitive/broken skin.
Use weekly.

Very Berry Mask: (0.5 oz)
This is the Blueberry and cranberry mask.A fruity mask! It is packed with antioxidants.Nourishing peach kernel oil and soothing aloe will leave your skin refreshed & cleansed.
How To Apply:
 Cleanse your face.Apply the layer evenly all over the face,neck.wait for 10-15 minutes.Rinse with water.

White Chocolate Mask: (0.6 oz)
This is a ultra deeply cleansing mask. Made with coco butter and cream.Smell so yum;please don't attempt to eat!Allow the cocoa butter,rich cream and moisturizing jojoba to leave your skin deep cleansed as smooth as the softest cream.Relax with this treat weekly
How To apply: 
Clean the face.apply the layer evenly all over he face and neck.Avoid eye,hairline,lips.wait 10-15 minutes.Rinse with water.

 Iced Crystal Mask: (0.5 oz) 
This is for a exfoliating and cleansing facial mask.Made with Spearmint and Dead sea salt.Spearmint and cooling Menthol cleanse and tone your skin while dead sea crystals gently refresh and renew the skin.
How To Apply: 
Clean your face.Apply a layer evenly all over the face and neck.Wait for 10-15 minutes and then rinse wit water.

Mud Pac Mask: (0.7 oz)
This is an anti-stress and ultra deep pore cleanse face mask.Made with dead sea mud to draw out impurities and open the blocked pores and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.
How To Apply:
the same way I have mentioned above.

We have tried two of these mask and really wanna share some pics with you guys.
I have tried the Peel Off Cucumber mask and hubby tried the Very Berry mask.
 When I cut the pack,it looked slightly green.And very alcoholic smell,which I don't like it.But it does makes my skin feel soft and fresh.

skip my puffy face;I just woke up from bed!

after 10 minutes later,it dried and I start peeling off!! This is my fvt part though  :D

eek! this is all my dead cell yucky!

feeling fresh and smooth!
My Opinion: 
It does clean my face and felt fresh but the chemical smell is too hard for me to breath.

Now it's his time.I forced him to try one of these mask and he chose the berry one.This mask is kind of glossy and shiny.It has two un-blend colors-deep and light pink.Very easy to apply.

His Opinion: 
he loves the smell of berry flavor of this mask.It cleanse so well and refresh his face.He love it.

Next time we'll try another one.You can get our updates on Instagram: Follow Me

Purchase Again: 
Yes ! But not gonna buy the cucumber mask though.It just not for me!
Where to Buy: 
You can buy it any local store: CVS, WALGREENS; MontagneJeunesse
GOOD NEWS: You can enter This giveaway Here: Giveaway 

Have you tried this masks before?Let me know your opinion.
Have a wonderful Sunday!!



  1. This looks awesome. It reminds me of the scene from American Psycho.... I need to get my hands on these babies!


    1. LOL :D Thanks for the comment.Hope you'll enter for the giveaway

  2. I've always wanted to try these. Thanks for the review, sounds like they're a good product!

  3. I love these masks :) They are super fun to play around with all the different types they make!

  4. Awesome face mask..I have enteredtoo

  5. I've seen these in the store, but never tried them. Just entered your giveaway, maybe I'll get a chance. Thanks for the review, it's helpful! :)

  6. wow i want to try out these masks too :D the peel off one looks so cool


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