Saturday, December 22, 2012

TwistBand Hair Accessory : Monthly Subscription Box

Face it, If you're not donning some sort of seasonal headgear this winter holiday, you're not really trying. And while Santa hats and fascinators festooned with dangling mistletoe have their charms, I have found something that will look more party perfect to celebrate!
So Here, in TwistBand HeadBand , Available in solid, metallic, tie dye, bauble, print , this Holiday Hair accessory is steal at very good price! 
This is the Twistband Monthly subscription box.See more details below.Each month you'll get twistband and other fun stuff. 

Their packaging process is also fantastic.It comes with a pretty blue packet which is called "HELLO" and delivered very fast!If you do party at home with friends and family,I guess this can be the cutest gift for the ladies/kids too.
In this box I got -
1.Six piece of Hair Tie
2. One pair of shoe lace in pink neon.
3.Three HeadBand in different color.

You'll definitely gonna love it. They have different colors and pretty shades.This can be Holiday gifts to your kids,sister/mom.  
HeadBand :
These three different color head band is pretty enough to make yourself can match the headband with your outfit and boom boom ; you are ready for the party!You can get accessory with the band to make it more cute.
 It is not harmful at all for any hair type.Very affordable. and pretty!

 Price: start from $4.00-$12.00

Hair Tie:
They have many colors of hair tie.Very affordable and glossy shade.Perfect for matching outfit.I love these hair tie specially for summer time.Don't irritate at all.Very usable and gorgeous.When I used to wear other type of hair tie,most of  the time I lost so many hair.I know it's not good for me.Sometimes I got headache! But now using this hair tie,I don't need to worry at all. Very comfortable!

Price: each $2.00

Shoe Lace:
They have 26' , 36' shoe laces.Choose any size in many colors.

Price: $5.00

Where To Buy It: TwistBand
You can also join their club for monthly Subscription.

Here is one photo of mine wearing their "Lady Gaga" edition hair tie which I have received in Birchbox few month's ago.I guess you have seen it if you are following me in Instagram !!

Have a Great Holiday! & Don't forget to enter the giveaways below:




  1. Love these, Want to try these sometime, Great review as always my friend xoxo

  2. thank you for this... i like this

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! These come in such cute packaging and they'd be great for keeping your hair out of your face while working out or doing makeup in the morning.


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