Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wantable Jewelry Flash Sale 40-60%


Don’t miss this chance to get on-trend amazing jewelry at 40-60% off.
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Multi Bead Image
Multi Bead Image
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Triangle Earring
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Stone Stretch Ring
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Two Tone Pendant
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Royal Cocktail Ring
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Jade Pendant
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Crystal Earring
Who doesn't love all the awesome jewelry  here. Still have time to grab it now--
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Have a nice shoppinng!!

Wednesday NOTD

Who doesn't love snow?
The white snow with glitter all over mean to be something to the world!!
So I was feeling like painting my nails again, as I am too bored with all the cores at home.
So here is my NOTD
 I applied the Essie- "Sole Mate" collection which I am loving a lot.It is such a dark color that absolutely best for the winter season. I also applied Essie- "fishnet stocking" in the middle nail to enhance the look.  And then just applied the top coat from WNW. ANd erase the unusual spot with the remover.
Let me know if you have ever tried this one.
Have a nice weekend !!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

| January Weekly Photos #4

So ultimately this is the last week of January!!Really time flies so fast!! Here I am back with my weekly photo updates..I am deciding to make Monthly update instead of Weekly update(too lazy!!)  So this could be my last weekly update (ever)

Testing the PitayaPlus (it's horrible!!) | bought strawberry | testing Dr.carbo collagen moisturizer | 
So delicious coconut milk testing (horrible) | Bad mood changer with ginger ale | It's snowing | Best Handcream Neutrogena | Herbal spice | strawberry-cucumber-chili powder-salt |
Costco Shopping | Monkey obsession | fish shopping | squid !! | His cooking time | Best mood changer |
Fish ball shopping | sip your drink | Makeup shopping-gift | penguin obsession | draw some pictures | Staples shopping | 
Tao of man | cleanser testing | must eat your dinner | New hair cut | Dinner at BK | Smile with squid |

That's all I did this week!! Have fun everyone!!

What I Won From The Giveaway This Month: (January Edition)

It's almost the end of January and I thought to write a post about my prizes that I have won recently form some of the bloggers.Thank you so much guys for choosing  me for the giveaway. I almost try to participate some of the giveaways without thinking to win and if wins that surprise me like crazy!!
No matter what the prize is,I am always Thankful to Them.Thank You! Thank You!
So this month I have won two of the giveaway from the amazing bloggers!
The first prize I have won is --- The Iphone 5 phone case from Candy  Thanks so much.. She is an amazing blogger..Check out her blog too.
Here is my prize--

The last prize I have received from one of my favorite blogger +Angie Agerter  Thank you so much..She sent me a one free  Purex Baby Detergent coupons and she is sweet enough to sent some extra Covergirl coupons too!! Thank you Angie!!!

That's all  I have won this month!!It was a great month although!! Hope for the best new month as well!! Just kidding!!
HAve a nice days guys..Let me know what you have won this month,,I would love to hear from you!!!
Be safe!!!

Late Liebster Award !! Thanks Guys

So I was nominated twice for the liebster award. & I am stupid enough to forgot to post it completely.I was reading someone's blog and I saw the  award and just remembered That I am also nominated for this by the two gorgeous ladies- +Annette G  & +Angie Agerter  -- Check out their blog too! They are just amazing blogger ever!!
So what's the rules for this award--
  • Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves
  • They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them
  • They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag
  • They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers
  • These lucky bloggers must be told
  • There are no tag backs

11 Random Facts About Me-

  1. I can speak in English, bengali , Hindi(lil bit)
  2. I am not addicted but Love Red Wine/ Tequila(for the occasion only!!)
  3. I look like a kid;so most of the people think I am a 8th Grader !!
  4. I am addicted to nail polishes
  5. I was born in Bangladesh;now live in NYC
  6. I have been married for 8 years
  7. I love to experiment while cooking
  8. I am not racist
  9. I easily trust people;but when someone betray me,they could never get back my trust.
  10. I love my country-food;
  11. My recent favorite Tv series- vampire diaries, supernatural, beauty & the beast, face off

My Answers from +Annette G
1.Do you like Ghost shows?
-- Always.. I love ghost stories/tv series/ movies etc
2.What is your favorite thing to do when online?
--Ofcourse reading blogs, checking mail, looking for the deals ,facebooking, twitting.
3.Do you work outside of your home? if so what do you do?
4.How long have you been blogging?
--Like a year!!
5.What do you want others to know about your blog about?
--I have mentioned above
6.Pepsi or Coke?
7.What is your favorite cuisine?
8.Do you watch YT videos? if no what kind do you like?
9.If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?
--Nothing. I am greatful to Almighty however He makes me!
10.Are you a couponer?
--New to couponing and love it
11.What is a hobbie you do besides blogging?
--cooking, reading books, shopping, on,,,

My Answers from +Angie Agerter
1.If you could change something about yourself (either physically or mentally) what would it be and why?
2.What do you personally want to get out of blogging?
--Still thinking about it
3.What is one of your favorite ways to relax?
--Having spa time with my family
4.What did you think you wanted to be when you were a teenager?  Are you close?
--Wanted to be a doctor (lol)
5.Do you consider yourself a "hobby" blogger or a "business" blogger?
-- I am not sure ,,guess both!!
6.What's your favorite colors?
7.What about your favorite dinner?
--Tehari/naan/suhsi/homemade food
8.Do you have a routine on your days or are they all different?
--I always make routine and I barely follow that (lol)
9.If you could go anywhere on vacation right now, where would you go and who would you take with you?
--Cox'sbazaar (one of my fvt place) yes! once again. Of course with  my hubby
10.Name one or two quirks you have.
--If I hate someone,I ignore him/her like hell. & I experiment a lot while cooking.
11.What is your happy place in your house and why?
--My bedroom,,where I relax myself

11Question For those I am Tagging

1.What's your favorite youtube video(or what Type of)
2.How could you describe your style?
3.What is your eye color?
4.Do you speak any other language except English?
5.Do you love cooking?
6.What's your favorite TV show?
7.Who is your celebrity crush?
8.Where are you from?
9.Do you have pet?
10.When did you start blogging?
11.What one thing is the most important to your life?

The Bloggers I nominate-

That's all I am tagging as I can't find any blogger less than 100 followers :(

Have a nice day ladies-.-.-.

Flu Attack Shopping Trip!!!

Yesterday, I was thinking to write a blog post about something different than usual as it is almost the  end of January.SO I found the photo of my shopping trip that I have bought some medicines etc for Hubby.He was super sick.Yes! got flu!!! Thanks God, he is fine now!! Guess my gifts did its job!!
Let me show you what I have bought for him in this sick days!!

  • First I bought this Vicks Dayquil & NyQuil (twin packs) I thought it would be great to try both.He works at night;so dayquil for evening time.And before go to bed Nyquil would be awesome.It was on sale on  CVS!!
  • Then I bought this Debrox Earwax.It's a necessary medicine that everyone should have it!! If you wanna buy it,dn't forget to print the coupons from their website!
  • And last but not the list, a sweet candy for him to express my love.(LOL)
What do you buy for someone who got flu??
Stay safe & protected from Flu !!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Recently got another campaign from +BzzAgent & you can guess it's the awesome "Neutrogena Handcream"
Honestly speaking, as a blogger,I am enjoying this hand cream like crazy !!
It's not like other brand's hand cream ; so unique by the formula they made. It's like a balm/ointment that will heal your crack,dry hand and observe the moisture in it.
It has no alcoholic fragrance which for I give it a Triple THUMPS UP+
I am always choosy about hand cream.I only picked no-fragrance hand cream as alcoholic fragrance makes me sick (I don't know why) Thanks to Bzzagent  for introducing me this awesome hand cream that I highly recommend to anyone!!

As you might know, I am a nail polishaholic; so I need something that protect my hands from getting dry,cracked as well as heal with a smoothing glow.
Whenever I do manicure,I am applied the Neutrogena Hand cream.It works great!!

So, Bzzagent sent me the full size of Neutrogena Brand New Hand Cream;I am though not sure if it's available in store/online. They also sent some samples to share with others.I only share 3 of them to my friends and rest of it,I put on some of my purse(lol,so in love with it!)
Cause you never know when you need it.

Such a cute tube,isn't it?

A little bit goes a long way! Yes,That's all I  need!!
 Look at my healing hand.It is now ready for the nail polish!!

And it can also safe for baby hands too!! She is hiding herself from the flashes!!
We can't wait to put some of our fvt polishes then.

Here is Sadia's Show off nail and some photo shoot!!

As you can see, we are loving our  Neutrogena hand cream and my baby niece enjoying with me and testing it too.She is loving it as well!!
It is really smooth my hand .Gives a baby soft feelings!
No more dry hand guys,just apply a little drops of Neutrogena hand cream and easy to go along...
Have you tried yet??

**Have a nice day----Sweet dreams-----Happy Sunday**

*I got it Free From Bzzagent for the review .All opinion & photos are my own.