Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birchbox | January | 2013 |

Here again I am with the Birchbox which I have received this week.
This month I have received 5 samples from them.
I don't mid to get something lil every month!

 Once again the regular box! with new sample!! As you might read my previous box review, I am so disappointed with the samples.

check out the video below

The card was named as "Best Year Ever"

Here is the description of the products of samples.

Eeh! Just opened!!

What do you think ?Description below-

1.Numer 4 | Clariflying Shampoo | Full Size- $32
It's a clear shampoo which is super expensive!! AAh! sample will be better!!

 2. Lashem | Lash Gel Serum | Full Size $69.99
This is an intersting products.Never tried it before as I have thick eyebrow.Will try it on lashes !!

Here, what inside of the gift pack-

3.Harvey Prince | Skinny Chic | full Size $21-55
Okay I don't like the smell of this perfume.Sorry Skinny Chic!!

4.The Balm Cosmetics | Hot Mama | Full size $20
This one is my fvt for this January Box!! It's  a 2 in 1 products.You can use it as blush/highlighter.
The color is gorgeous!!

5.Fresh | Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream | Full Size $42
Got two samples of this cream.Will give a try later.

They have also sent a resolution list for the New Year, which I like it too!!

That's all I have received this month! 
Let me know what you have got in your 
 +Birchbox  January Box.
Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. Nice box! The lash serum looks really interesting, and Hot Mama is a very pretty color! :-)

    ~ Yun

  2. I love the balm's stuff. That is a really pretty versatile color! And I'm sure that shampoo will be really nice too!

  3. nice box!
    thanks so much for your comment dear


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