Saturday, January 19, 2013

Children's Advil Suspension Review

Last month I have received the Advil Children's fever reducer and totally forgot to review.But as promised from  my resolution I am finally reviewing it.
I have already tested it by my niece who is 2 and half year's old.And super thanks to +Smiley360  for sending me at the right time when she just got her fever!! (just wondering they knows best to send the products at the right time!!!)
So, it's a fever as well as pain reliever and last for 8 hours!

Important Notes-
*Always read the complete warning and information
*Always use the dosing device
*Adult strength medicines should not be administrated to children.
*Consult the doctor before using it

They sent me a full size of Advil ,coupons,research book, Sticky note pad.

Try Children's Advil suspension liquid for your child 2-11 years.
*if children suffer from a fever, minor aches and pains due to the commonm cold flu, sore throat, headaches and toothaches try this.

We kind of like it as it tastes yummy(she said!!) and she like it.Oh! what a relief!! No more fever or pain for my baby niece!!
what do you try for your baby??
HAve a nice day and be safe.

Disclaimer- Got it free from smiley360 for review. all opinions/photos are my own.


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